Working And Having A Blast At The Wed Expo!!

My models for Friday (extreme left) Omozo of O Naturals and her models, Tuke Morgan and moi :)

So, I decided to take KL's to the Wed Expo this year - and I'm glad I did! It was my first time attending and participating and it was definitely something to see.

One of my models in the thick of things!

The wedding business in Nigeria is NO JOKE!!! My eyes were popping all over the place from all the amazing decor, settings, food, party favours, accessories etc that were on offer.

amazing flower arrangements

Innovative bouquets

I mean they had it all covered there (well, except for suits/tuxes for men loll) - hair styling, hair extensions, decorations, party favours, wedding cakes, photo booths, aso oke, lace, weight loss (yes for those brides who must shrink into that dream dress loll) wedding dresses, DJ, Skin care jewellery rings, flowers, food, drinks. It was a sight to behold.

Working on my first model

I had 2 models for Friday and Sunday and 3 on Saturday - it was fun having people come and watch while I was styling, ask questions and in some instances watch their jaws drop in amazement when they would ask 'is that all her hair?'

For this show I didn't want to really use extensions so I could show what natural hair could do 'unaided' lol. I think with all 7 models, I only used extensions on 1 of them.

All hers - no extensions.

All hers too!

Of course we had to take advantage of the photo booth!!

Maro's texture was probably the loosest I had to work with - to the point of straightness! Lol people kept asking her if her hair was relaxed.

All in all it was good fun - work, but fun nonetheless. Met a lot of great people and saw some amazing stuff too. Looking forward to the next one!!


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  2. Love it! Well done, Kemi!!!

  3. Wow. Well done. I hope this exhibition brought you good business, lol.

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