I want my hair back!!!

Lol! I knew this was going to happen and had hoped it wouldn't happen so soon! I've barely had my braids in for 3 weeks and I'm beginning to miss my hair - I miss washing it; the therapeutic process of applying deep conditioner/henna/ayurvedic powders; moisturizing and sealing; and brushing it up into my yummy puff!

I'm determined to keep these braids in for at least 6 weeks - (Lord help me!) and so I'm just making sure I care for them and for my hair during this period.

My maintenance routine for now is limited to spraying my braids every single day with a braid sheen to which I added a bit of my Kinky Curly Knot Today conditioner, a few drops of peppermint and rosemary essential oils and a bit of my Argan oil serum (which has coconut, wheatgerm, Jamaican black castor and Argan oils).

This weekend I'm going to try out the Taliah Waajid moisture Clenz which claims to help clean between shampoos, thoroughly clean scalps and eliminate itchy scalps.

Apart from liking the sound of what it says it will do, I'm happy it doesn't contain alcohol which can be very drying - so shall be looking forward to a cleaner, fresher, tingly scalp!

To compensate for missing my hair, I've been trying out different ways of styling my braids instead of the customary bun I'd normally just put them in (plus it's way toooo hot to let them just hang loose). I've kinda found a few styles that I like for now and will be alternating them while trying out other things in between.

The braids in my temples have become a little loose as well so shall have them re - done, and together with the scalp cleanse I shall be doing this weekend, they'll definitely be looking so fresh n so clean!

Hopefully that should distract me for a little while longer :)

Have a great weekend!

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