ORS Straightening and Strengthening System - First Impressions.

Okay so I'm sure I've spoken about the amino acid based thermally activated strengthening systems that are getting popular by the minute. At the moment in the salon we use the Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System as the professional line but of course as with everything, companies will create an 'at home' alternative.

The ORS system is the second at home system I've come across (the first one being the Beautiful Textures one I spoke about in this post) and while it's pretty much the same technique as the Beautiful textures, there's an added product step in this system.

Anyways Detuke who blogs at tukesquest.blogspot.com came in today, all excited about trying out this straightening system. Her plan was to straighten her hair and then fix a weave so straight from NYSC camp, she showed up all smiles and infectious bubbly energy.

The other customers kept looking at both of us in amusement as we whipped out our cameras, taking pictures of every stage - we just laughed it off saying as bloggers, a lot of things get documented.
So the system consists of 3 products - the clarifying shampoo, the Foam Activator and the Seal and Smooth leave in conditioner.

After making sure we had enough 'before' pictures, I went to work - clarified her hair by washing 3 times using the clarifying shampoo, to ensure there was no product in her hair that would interfere with the foam activator. I then gently detangled her hair and parted into 4 sections.

Before application

 I then applied the Foam Activator to each section making sure each strand got some product onto it from root to tip. Using the processing time guide, I let her hair process for 12 minutes.

The next step was then to apply the Seal and Smooth Leave in Conditioner (the Beautiful Textures doesn't have this step as you just go straight to blow drying and styling) and then I proceeded to blow dry using a Denman Brush and medium heat on high speed. I then used a blow dry brush to smooth the hair (I find with natural hair, the smoother the blow dry, the better the flat iron results)

Blow dried

After her hair was dried, I then set my iron to 220 degrees, applied a few drops of Design Essentials 'Silk Essentials' thermal protection serum and using the 'comb chasing' method I flat ironed her hair and voila!
Smooth, sleek shine

I really loved the results. I've used the Beautiful Textures before on another client and I have to say the results of this were much better. Hair was silkier, straighter and had bounce to it.
Finished Look

Detuke couldn't stop touching her hair - she actually stood in front of the mirror with a look of wonder on her face loll. We even spoke about how she would fool her family and friends by posting a picture saying 'new look' and they'd all think she got a relaxer!!!

All in all, she was happy, I was happy and she decided against getting that weave installed! Let's see how long this straight look lasts for her.

Till my next post


  1. Can I have a number I can call you on?

  2. oh wow....
    completely new look.

    1. Yup! It was quite funny watching her watch herself in awe.

  3. Lol, saw her picture on Instagram and thought it was just a blowdry and flat iron. Yup, let's see how long before her hair reverts.


    1. Yup. As at the last time I asked her which was about a week after application, it was still straight...

  4. Wow, I didn't know our Nigerian natural hair could get this straight without an insane amount of heat.
    Totally interested in how long it'll take before her hair reverts

    1. Lol why did you think that Sandra? I don't think our natural hair is anymore 'kinky' than our counterparts in any other country. I've come across a few naturals here in Nigeria with 3C curls. I should report back soon on how long it took for her hair to completely revert

  5. I love these results! I would like to come in for a treatment, do you recommend I buy the kit or would using your in store option get the same results?
    Thank you

  6. Wow I definitely need to try this
    I will get in touch if I am in Lagos this Christmas.

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