So, one of my brides' wedding got featured on BellaNaija!!!!

I was totally stoked when I saw this!! Mosun - one of my brides back in August, (who almost made me have several panic attacks as I wasn't able to sit down with her to do a trial lol) had her beautiful and absolutely stunning wedding ceremonies featured on BellaNaija.

And best of all? She had the nicest things to say about me!

She said and I quote:

"Kemi Lewis is a goddess!! She was super patient with me, flexible with my incredible tardiness and crazy hours I put her through lol. She put her own spin on a style and made my hair feel soooo luscious even after I removed the clip ins. Bello made me keep them in for like 4 more days... he loves natural hair... it was meant to be lol"

Clips ins installed and in free flow before being styled.

Me!  A goddess!!! Let's just say that made me feel even that much better about what I do!!!

It is seeing pictures like these absolutely gorgeous ones that prompted me recently to buy a proper camera because I know I've been missing out on some serious photo opportunities. I mean look at these amazing images captured by Gazmadu,  I know I'm no professional photographer but with a better tool, I'll be doing better in image capturing than I previously was.  My Iphone images weren't really werking for me.

So it's the Samsung Nx300 and so far, I am loving it!!! This is the first time I have bought any sort of electronic and will be taking my time to read through the manual and weird thing is, I'm enjoying it! Lol! I guess it's because with every page I discover new things about the camera, pick it up and practice what I just learnt and literally pat myself on the back.

Like when I discovered I could hook up to wifi and email pictures directly - I was like someone who'd discovered some miracle beauty drug. These are probably features that have existed for a while on smart cameras but being a tech novice I was totally chuffed.

Anyways, here's to better and more pictures! For the full visual enjoyment of Mosun's wedding ceremonies, visit here


  1. im very new here and ive had an amazing time looking through some of your posts...i like you already!..... ive stored your hair bar addy at the back of my head already, lolz!
    i plan to get my hair straightening for my length check on my 1 yr hair-vasary next year, so ive found a place! yay!!!!!
    im sure ud get the hang of your camera soon, and youtube is always your friend so........... good luck and congratulations.....

    1. Aww welcome Oluwatoyin and thank you so so much!!! Yay to finding the place to straighten your hair!!! Look forward to meeting you...

  2. Your talent is going to take you very far, Kemi. Well done.

  3. You're obviously amazing at what you do. I saw an interview with one of your brides on Natural Nigerian's blog, she had a glowing review for you too. Greater heights to you Kemi

    1. Thank you so much dear! By His grace!!

  4. Hi, I am a natural and would love to get my hair done great when I am getting married. Nice work