Our Ikeja Branch and Online Styling Course!!

Whoppee!! It's been a long minute and so much has been happening that I must fill you in on!

First of, we opened our GRA Ikeja branch in October!! Yes! Finally we listened to the requests of people that wanted us to come to the mainland and we made it happen!

We are located in B Natural Spa which is 11 Odudwa Way off Isaac John Street so make sure you come by to visit soon!!!

My biggest cheerleader - my mum with Tokunbo Chiedu of Compass Consulting

The turn out was amazing on our open day with so many people sending in yummy cakes and gifts - I mean look at these branded cupcakes from my absolute sweetheart Jibike of 'La place De' jiji' in Abuja!!!

How we got the space was a miracle on its own - I was with a client one day in the Lekki Salon and she told me how a friend of hers who is a consultant for B Natural, was looking to get a salon on board to take over the salon space in B Natural. She said she thought I'd be a great fit and gave me the lady's details.

I saved it but didn't follow up until the consultant herself turned out to be a client of ours in the same Lekki salon and one day was like - hey, would you be interested in taking over the salon space in B Natural! loll Let's just say that was indication number 2.

Just before I was to meet the owner, I get a call from one of our Dolphin Clients who excitedly tells me that her friend who owns a spa is looking for someone to take over the salon space and she thinks I'll be a great fit and wanted to introduce us!! At this point I knew there was definitely something to this and it couldn't just be random coincidences!

Meetings were arranged and I met the owner who was very gracious and kind - we spoke about what each party would be looking to get and came to an agreement.

My Design Essentials Family came to represent!!

Ekene of The Kink and I ! 

Ada of Natural U Beauty Salon in Festac and Yemi of Avlon Nigeria.

Mama and Daughter!! Daizee Cakes in the house!!

This woman right here!!! Omozo of O'Naturals! She is a rare gem and a sister!!

Stella Duru!!! Partner at Banwo and Ighodalo and Sisterfriend from QC/Unilag/Lawschool

Laide Nweze!! Another sisterfriend from QC, Unilag and Law School!

Chinyere of Olivetree Hair Clinic Enugu! With Tokunbo Chiedu of Compass Consulting

The Vanette (Avlon Nigeria Stand)

Gbemi and Seye - Husband and Wife Owners of the amazing Nigerian Hair Brand "Afro Virtues"

My mum and her good friend Aunty Ore Olunloyo

Jaiye and Otonye - the best chats happen at the steam seats!

These wash chairs are soooo comfy!

Flo! One of the voices from my fav radio station - Classic Fm 

With the princesses of the industry - Ziza, Crown Appeal, Mmanu, Mercy Familusi!! Love them!!

Sefunmi of Caremorenaturals



And that's it!!!  We now have KL's Naturals in B Natural!!

I can't even believe how amazing everything has been. God is truly awesome and I am so blessed to be able to do this!

The other great news we have is we finally launched our online academy!!!!!!!!!! This one is particularly emotional for me because it's 2 years overdue!! Yes it's taken me 2 years of planning, starting, stopping and starting again, shooting, crashed videos, lost videos, reshooting and Lord knows what else to finally launch!!

We started with the Creative Styling Course and we will add more courses on maintenance, growing hair, science of hair and other styling options as time goes on!! I'm so excited!!!!

Our first launch and enrolment has been amazing and we can't wait to do another launch and process of enrolment next year. Click here to visit our academy!

That's it! Thank you so much to everyone who has continued to cheer us on and support me and this dream. God bless you!!!


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