New Year, New Goals, New Me, New Everything!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I CANNOT believe it has been 8 MONTHS since I last blogged!!! Oh my my my! 2017 was truly interesting, eventful, amazing, intense and challenging; but through the tears, struggle, triumphs, learning curves, hair pulling and trials, I got stretched so much and I am truly thankful for where KL's as a business is and also where I am as a woman and a Beauty - Preneur!



So! At the time I posted last in May, I was in the middle of a 6 month hair stylist course run by the L'Oreal Hair Institute. That in and of itself was a huge sacrifice and struggle! It was 8.30 am - 1pm  every Monday to Wednesday  - Combine that with trying to oversee 2 salons (one of which was just 3 months when I started the course) and you can imagine how many panic attacks I got in that period loll!

Thankfully the course is done, I learnt sooooo much particularly with color and cutting which were the main things I wanted to really increase my knowledge and skill in; and we will be getting our certificates sometime this month. So say hello to your latest International L'Oreal certified hair stylist!!


The Lekki salon has been doing so well and I am beyond thankful to God and all our marvellous clients. We had a number of hitches and with me being away from the salon for so many days, from so early on, meant that the culture I would have loved to imbibe from the beginning took much longer to.

Staff issues are no joke mehn!

Thankfully, we are definitely a long way from where we used to be and things are moving along nicely.

We also opened up a little spa within the premises!!!!  KL'S Natural Beauty Bar partnered with Serah's Beauty Secrets to bring the very best in spa treatments to our clients. This means that clients can get their massages, facials, body exfoliations, anti ageing treatments, foot spa etc in the same space!

The Dolphin Salon Manager really stepped up and showed amazing leadership skills and so I didn't have to worry too much about Dolphin - which really showed me the importance of hiring right, training well and having systems and processes in place.


As for my hair in 2017! Loll what can I say? A lot of times I truly didn't have the time or the energy for it. Sometime in April or May (can't even remember now) I actually took a pair of scissors and cut some inches off. I have no idea how many - I didn't like how my hair looked so just took some off.

 In June, I decided to go back to my Ayurvedic regimen and focus on my hair's health and I have to say it's one of the best things I could've done for my hair!! It's thriving better now and looks so much healthier.

Will be focusing on healthy hair in 2018 and have also started a challenge which everyone is free to join in. There is a prize money of 25,000 up for grabs at the end of the year so why not join in eh? :)

You can click here to subscribe to our newsletter and join in the fun!

The one thing that I pretty much kept up with was Instagram- It's pretty easy to take a picture, edit with an app on your phone and post without too much hassle. We also started a weekly newsletter which goes out at noon every Thursday and I started my YouTube channel!!!!!!!! Finally! loll.

December was fun as I got to do a weekly tutorial on easy but glam hairstyles which could be rocked for the holidays. I look forward to doing more on YouTube this year for sure.


After reviewing my 2017 business wise, I realized I spent way too much time on operational stuff and wasn't able to be strategic enough and even focus on things like deliberate growth, marketing and blogging. I attended an amazing Masterclass by Tara Fela Durotoye  on setting up systems and processes and it showed me exactly what I needed to do.

So in 2018, the plan is to be more strategic, ensure proper systems and processes are in place, hire leaders who can be contributing 'heads' as opposed to me being the only 'head' and all other employees being 'legs and hands' (had that aha moment when in my business coaching class with Tale Alimi) in order to free myself up to do things that will take the business (and myself of course) to the next level.

2018 is my year of BECOMING!!

So what are your goals for 2018?


  1. Pls can you post more here or give us tutorials on hair maintenance and growth. We need help especially those of us outsude lagos

  2. Congrats Kemi. May you continue to grown from grace to grace.

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