Caring For Your Hair, Skin And Nails From The Inside Out: Focus - MSM and Vitamin C

Sometimes we're so focused on using products topically to enhance the health and promote the growth of our hair; or products to get rid of acne on our skin or nail hardeners to give strength to brittle nails. However, what most people don't realise is that applying products topically is never nearly enough, taking other things like our eating habits and lifestyle into consideration.

So did you know that your hair, skin and nails are the very last parts of our bodies to get nutrients from the food we eat? What this means is that if you eat a lot of junk or your diet doesn't have as many nutrients as it ought to; the body will distribute what little nutrients it can get from the food to the other more important organs and parts of your body. By the time it gets to your hair and nails - oops! Nothing left to give nourishment!

This is why it is very important to ensure that we eat healthy meals, drink lots of water for hydration and if you are deficient in any kind of mineral (like some people are iron deficient) then a supplement will be really good.

Apart from being deficient in certain minerals, it is possible to support your diet with a few supplements to ensure that you are getting the best that certain minerals have to offer in the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails.

Otherwise called Methysulfonylmethane; MSM is a source of sulfur which is an important component for the creation of Collagen and keratin which we know are important building blocks for healthy hair, skin, nails, joints and other connective tissues.

With particular reference to Hair, MSM has been known to extend the Anagen (growth) phase of hair enabling you to grow your hair longer . The sulfur content also makes hair strands and nails stronger and thicker with consistent use.

While a lot of natural foods contain naturally occuring sulfur ( egg yolk, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, garlic, onion, asparagus, cow milk, apples, raspberries, kale etc) the cooking process typically degrades the sulfur levels. Eating raw vegetables and fruits rich in this mineral is therefore your best bet.

If taking an MSM supplement, the pure powder form is preferable as the capsule or tablet forms are usually mixed with other ingredients. The dosage is typically written on the containers so I would advise you follow prescribed dosages and if in doubt, speak to your physician.


We're all probably more familiar with vitamin C. A water soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant,  a lot of people remember it only when they have a cold :) but it has so many more amazing benefits for our hair and skin.

- It boosts the production of Collagen which we now know is essential in the maintenance of healthy skin.
- As an antioxidant, it helps reduce free radicals which means less brittle hair that's prone to split ends. Results? Stronger Hair and better length retention.
- Supplementing with Vitamin C can help fight adrenal gland fatigue that can cause hair loss.
- It helps to smooth out rough skin by optimizing the flow of blood to the skin's surface, making the skin smoother.

As with MSM, there are a number of foods that have naturally occuring Vitamin C (think citrus fruits and dark green vegetables) so you don't need to take a vitamin C supplement if you have very healthy, balanced eating habits.

Used together, MSM and Vitamin C can aid the growth of healthy, stronger, thicker hair while promoting smoother, more radiant skin.

As with everything, please exercise caution if taking any of these supplements. While there have been no known dangerous side effects of taking these supplements in too high doses; it is reported that the following may occur where a person is taking very high doses of either msm or vitamin c:

- nausea
- Abdominal Cramps
- Diarrhea

Remember, always check with your doctor especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication.

Here's to Healthy, Happy, Hair and Skin in 2018!!

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