Flat Twists - Oh How I Love Thee!

So this customer came in yesterday for a flat twist updo I'd created on someone she saw. Was going for about 8 flat twists initially but her edges wouldn't allow it and the style would have come undone much quicker so I added 3 more flat twists for this do.

To add to the beauty of the style, her growing out color made the style pop that much more.  Loves it!

Back View

I first fell in love with flat twist updos when I saw some of the stuff this amazing lady called 'Kinkycurlybeauty' on Instagram and YouTube was doing.  The thicker your  hair is, the more amazing this style can be.
Just look at these amazing works of art!

I practiced and practiced (and still practice) to get those flat twists looking juicy and yummy! Once you get a hang of them, they are quick, easy and absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Shall continue perfecting my craft for this, that's for sure.


  1. Beautiful style! I am definitely getting this done at your salon next month.

    1. Thank you! Will be looking forward to having you soon xo

  2. KCB's flat twists are on another level!!! Found her like a year or two ago. Been following ever since.

    Berry Dakara Blog

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