What's In Your Spritz Bottle?

Spritz bottles mixes are such a quick and easy way to quench your hair's thirst on a daily basis without the manual process of moisturizing and sealing where you take your hair section by section and apply product and an oil.

 Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the latter process should be completely done away with - I'm just saying for those times your hair is in twists, braids or even if you have a weave (raise your weave and spritz the tracks), you still have an effective and quick way of moisturizing and sealing your hair so your hair's health is not neglected.

Moreover since the contents will be something you have control over, you can get as adventurous as your mind will let you!

I always have a spritz bottle in my fridge (I store in the fridge as I typically tend to have aloe vera juice in my concoctions and that cold feeling against my scalp is always sooooo refreshing!) and my mix will be something along the lines of:
Water (NOT Tap Water)
Aloe Vera Juice
A squirt or two of my leave in conditioner (Kinky Curly Knot Today)
Vegetable Glycerine
A tea spoon of jojoba and castor oil
A few drops of Rosemary and Peppermint oil

I find that with my mix I get my moisturizing and sealing done in one swoop; plus the stimulative properties of rosemary and peppermint oil add a great tingling sensation to my scalp.

Once, I tried using coconut oil in my refrigerated mix only to have the oil turn to solid chunks because of the temperature of the fridge (coconut oil will solidify in cold temperatures) so I have learnt to skip aloe vera juice altogether if I am doing a coconut oil addition to my mix.

Ayurvedic spritzes are another favourite of mine and with this I will steep some marshmallow root in hot water (and maybe some hibiscus powder if I'm feeling very adventurous)  and strain the mix through one of those jewellry pouches (they're very good for straining stuff particularly if you don't have access to one of those kitchen strains or a cheesecloth).

Marshmallow Root

I then pour this strained liquid into my bottle, add some aloe vera juice, a few drops of peppermint oil and rosemary oil (of course) and some bhrigaraj or brahmi oil if I have any to hand.

Jewelry Pouch
It is super moisturizing - particularly because the marshmallow root when steeped in hot water produces a gel like substance (which kind of resembles aloe vera gel) that is great for detangling hair and also promotes growth. You can't pass up on good stuff like that!

So you can get as creative as you want to be - adding and subtracting as you go along till you find that one thing that your hair absolutely loves. Some people use water as their base, while others skip water altogether and just use aloe vera juice. You can even use rosewater if you have access to that as rosewater has great conditioning properties, is used to treat dandruff and promotes hair growth!

So, what's in your spritz bottle? :)


  1. Hey hon, I have water *bottled water cos I'm fancy like that. Lol*, vegetable glycerin, some castor oil, extra virgin olive oil and Jamaican castor oil. It works a treat and cos my hair is coloured, it needs all the moisture and love it can get.

  2. oooh sounds divine! *I use bottled water too loll* Yes oh! You need to get all the moisture you can into those thirsty strands! I'm looking at getting some panthenol soon as I saw a recipe once with it and everyone was raving about their results!

  3. Hmmm, great tips. Please why can't one use bottled water in a spritz mix. Not the first time I have read/heard that but always wondered why.

    1. Hi Mo'dele and thanks! The thing with tap water is that it tends to contain a lot of minerals and calcium deposits which when left in hair, causes the hair to dry out and look very dull.

      Distilled or purified water has taken water through a 'cleansing' process making it healthier to use in hair on a daily basis. Its for this reason some people who live in hard water areas attach a shower filter to their showers and regularly use a 'chelating' shampoo in order to get rid of the calcium and mineral build up in their hair. Hope that explains it!

    2. Thanks a lot for your explanation. It definitely helps and makes a whole lot of sense. No more tap water for my hair spritz!

  4. My spritz spray bottle ingredients are garlic oil, EVOO, castor oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, leave in (kinky curly knot today) and water. It works great on my hair because my hair can be veryyyy dry.

    1. I love it! You're the first person I know who uses garlic oil - were you shedding a lot or you're using it for its growth properties?

  5. Hi babes, I just did d big chop so I am kinda new2tthis lifestyle, presently I have water(bottled), castor oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, a lil bit of honey*like d honeyscent hidsface* and melted shea butter oil. Wondering where I can get the mashmallow roots tnx.

    1. Hi Dear! I know exactly how you feel! Your combo sounds lovely! The honey will help draw moisture from the air into your hair, helping it retain moisture better. We stock marshmallow root if you can come down to KL's Natural Beauty Bar 29c Ikorodu Crescent, Dolphin Estate. Call 08063650977 for more details. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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