Rhassoul Clay - The Natural way to Glowing Skin, Cleansed AND Moisturized Hair!

When I tell people that I use clay to wash my hair sometimes, I always get the same look. You know, the one that's a mixture of incredulity and doubt with some eye rolling thrown in for good measure. But as I always tell them - don't knock it till you've tried it!

I've only ever used two kinds of clay to treat my hair and skin - Bentonite and Rhassoul - and in my opinion, Rhassoul is the better clay, hands down. Bentonite is more of a detoxifying clay, drawing impurities from the hair (and skin) so I find it to be a little bit drying and will only use a few times a year to get rid of gunk.

One of the most intense at home facials I've ever done was Bentonite Clay mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar - I swear it felt like someone had affixed the hose of a vacuum cleaner to my face and was sucking everything out of it!! Even my mouth will be puckered for the period the mask is on because of the tightness of the mask. (The brand of Bentonite clay I use does say 'Feel your face pulsate' and ' World's most powerful facial' - they weren't joking!)

After I'd done a couple of bentonite clay masks for my hair, I found out about Rhassoul clay, tried it and could immediately tell the difference between both clays - seriously every knot and tangle in  my hair literally melted apart when I used Rhassoul clay. It was AMAZING!

Okay so what exactly is Rhassoul clay? According to Wikipedia, it is a natural mineral clay mined in the Atlas mountains of Morocco and has been used for centuries by Moroccan women to cleanse their hair and skin. If you've ever gone for one of those popular and intensely satisfying Moroccan spa treatments (Hammam) where dead layers of skin are literally sloughed off  your body leaving you seemingly a shade or two lighter and your cellulite is reduced leaving you with more toned skin ? Well, the clay used in this spa treatment is Rhassoul!

Rhassoul clay is rich in silica (58%) iron, magnesium, potassium, lithium and sodium; and functions by absorbing toxins in hair and skin, replacing them with these rich, beneficial nutrients thereby enhancing the luster of hair and glow of skin. For example, we all have a natural store of natural silica in our bodies which depletes as we age leading to lackluster hair skin and nails - the more adequate your levels of silica the healthier your hair skin and nails are. Using Rhassoul clay regularly in your hair and skin regime is a natural way to 'infuse' silica (and other nutrients) into your hair and skin, making them noticeably healthier.

Rhassoul is unique in hair care in that it not only cleanses but also acts a deep conditioner! The many other benefits of this wonderful clay are:
1. Gently cleanses without stripping
2. Leaves hair soft and shiny, increasing its volume and bounce.
3. Softens skin and reduces sebum production
4. Removes black and white heads.
5. Regenerates skin by removing dead skin cells.
6. Re balances skin by tightening pores.

So many benefits from just one product! And because it's so natural and gentle, it can be used as a daily face polisher for continuously soft, dewy, glowing skin.

Now onto hair - when I first started using Rhassoul, I would use it as a deep conditioning mask and my recipe would typically include melted cocoa butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, some Argan oil and hot water ( to tell you the truth I'd almost always be tempted to lick the mix loll! smells so yummy!) I'll mix into a paste, apply to my hair and let it sit for half an hour under my processing cap then proceed to rinse out. Results? Soft, light, fluffy hair!

See how my hair is stretched out - making detangling a breeze!

One thing I did learn during my first application process was that if you make it too thick, it begins to dry ( it is clay after all) making application a little difficult. Whatever I have leftover I usually apply to my face and let dry, rinse off with warm then cool water, and finish up with a light moisturizer.

These days, I use it more as a liquid cleanser by using my version of Naptural85's homemade recipe
Rhassoul Clay - Gentle cleanser and moisturizer
Aloe Vera Juice - Strengthens, moisturizes and conditions, balances pH.
Ylang Ylang E.O - Encourages thick, lustrous hair
Rosehip Seed Oil -strengthens and hydrates strands, encourages healthy hair growth
Rosemary E.O - Invigorates scalp, increasing circulation and encouraging hair growth.

When I'm done, my scalp is clean and my hair is soft and moisturized- all  in one step! Love it! At this stage I'll use my leave in and then seal and twist with my KL's Naturals hair and body butter (which I use from top to toe for soft, hydrated, even toned skin and soft, healthy tresses).

You really should try it!


  1. Yes. I didn't see ACV in your store though.

  2. Hi! We don't stock ACV in the store - if you're in Lagos, you can find it in most Healthplus Stores and at Prince Ebeano Supermarket in Lekki

  3. I do not live in Lagos. Where I live, you do not get those things.

  4. Hello..do you sell the clay in store?

    1. Yes we do! You can stop by or send an email to info@klsnaturals.com to arrange delivery to your address...

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  6. How do I order for the rhassoul clay

  7. How do I order for the rhassoul clay

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