Boot Camp Woes!

I didn't realize how unfit I'd become until Monday morning when I began the Body Alchemist Boot Camp being run by Tony Ekaidem at the Lekki Fun Turf. It shouldn't have come as a surprise really considering the fact that in the last couple of months, my work outs had been sporadic at best.

All I did was a few jumping jacks and I was out of breath! I was ashamed of myself! What happened to miss running 3 miles every morning? or Zumbaing every other day or sometimes working out twice a day?!!!

 They had all gone with the wind and all I now have in their wake are 2 small flaps of back fat, a slight pudge in my lower abdomen and thighs that seem to jiggle a little bit more than normal!!!

I am determined to get my body back in tip top shape so help me God! I'd said before that my intention for joining Boot Camp is not to lose weight but to tone up and that was the answer I gave the lady who this morning asked with a raised eyebrow and hand on her hip, what exactly I was trying to 'lose' lollll.

I don't think you need to be overweight to try and be fit and firm - which is what a lot of people believe when they make snide remarks or give you the side eye just because in their opinion you don't have any weight to lose and therefore have no business working out.

Anyways, not only is this helping me with my work out discipline but also my daily wake up time. I purposely signed up for the 5.30 am class which means I have to be up by 5 a.m  and as I'm done with class at 6.15 a.m, I have a much earlier start to my days. Plus the fact that the classes are Mondays to Fridays makes it even more perfect!

And the classes? Boy! Are they something else ! - Circuit training that includes cardio and weights; targeted at speed, endurance, core, upper and lower body and God knows what else. It's definitely challenging but I'm not one to pass up on a challenge (plus I've already paid so there is no way my money is going to waste!)

I have to say that right now I feel like there are little gremlins in my arms, calves and thighs - with every step I take they tighten each noose they surely must have tied around each muscle because I am all knotted and in pain!

 Walking is painful, climbing stairs is even more painful and the process of sitting down has now become an art form. I've had to increase the temperature of my showers just to soothe the pain and find myself kneading my muscles every now and again to loosen them up.  Yesterday, I realized I was walking around with my right arm bent at the elbow as if I had an imaginary bag in the crook of my arm!

I hope by next week my body begins to get accustomed to the new routines and my muscles adjust accordingly - whichever way, the next 6 weeks are going to be pretty grueling!

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