Salon Day Out - Pictures and What Went Down!

Tucked away in a corner at White space was our flag, proudly flying :)
I can't believe its been a week already! Sheesh - this year is FLYING by like no man's business! Anyhoo, so I'd promised to be back with pictures and snippets of what happened at the Salon day out on June 8th well here we go - I got there just before noon after a sluggish morning, and because we'd been so busy the day before I decided I'd pack up and pick up stuff from the store that morning as opposed to getting everything ready the night before.

Drove there, and as I feared, almost every other vendor had already arrived, picked a table and set up so I got a table right in the back - oh well, you have to make do with what you have right? :) It turned out to be a great spot actually and we did really well.

Eager participants listening attentively.

From my table I was able to see people as they walked in and I also had a great view of the room where presentations and demonstrations were taking place.
Moringa Products from Kalos Beauty

Kinky Apothecary Stand

Natural Nigerian

Brightening Body Scrubs from Courzez Skin Care.

On offer was a gorgeous array of hair products,  hair and body butters, oils, scrubs, make up, nail polish, healthy foods, Weaves, Wigs and one stall was dedicated to the all amazing and powerful Moringa seed.

U Part wigs made by the lovely sisters at Wigs By Type 4.

As I was unpacking and setting up, I had people walking up to make inquiries and purchase stuff so I had to make do with half an ear listening to most of the presentations and watching stuff unfold from the corner of my eye. I was particularly intrigued by the lady from Nazuri Curls who had a presentation on how to blend your natural hair in with their natural textured virgin hair extensions.
The lovely Ifeanyinwa at the Nazuri Curls Stand.

I've actually been contemplating getting a full weave  but I'd prefer to use something a little closer to my texture - I've been eyeing HeatFreeHair but this one seemed quite good too.

There were presentations on air brushing (I'm so behind the make up trend that it ain't even funny), a fabulous health presentation by Natural Doctor - Egypt; who as a mother of 2 children ages 6 and 2, could give any teenager a run for their money in the fabulous body department!

Hostess of the day Dabs, did a number of presentations - one was a simple and practical demonstration of how to check your porosity levels and another was a straightening session on natural hair using the Texture Manageability System (TMS). She also did a protein and moisture based deep conditioning treatment demonstration.
Dabs about to start the TMS demonstration
I got to do a demonstration on my beloved rhassoul clay! Berry Dakara (bless her heart) had offered herself as my subject for the day weeks ago so all I had to concern myself with was making sure I had all the stuff I needed.
Berry looks like she's thinking 'Girl, you better know what you're doing!' loll
Trust me, in my eagerness I ended up making the mixture a tad bit watery but thankfully Berry was a good sport even after I designed the back of her ears and neck with 'rhassoul juice' lol
20 minutes later, ready to wash
I did a simple mix of rhassoul, coconut milk and water, applied it to her hair in sections, covered with a cap for 20 minutes, rinsed and rinsed and rinsed :) and her hair was nice soft and fluffy!

At this point, things were slowly winding down so I was able to go back into the room where demonstrations were taking place, and styled Berry's hair in chunky twists while we watched the rest of the goings on.
Done and twisted
Shortly before the  last demonstration ( which was the TMS done by Dabs) one lucky person won a face and hair steamer in the raffle draw! It was quite funny because the owners of the first 2 numbers that were called had left and this lucky lady was sitting right up front when her number was called.

The third time around really was the charm!

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  1. It's so hard in my location to find natural products that work with my hair. I'm just learning the things that really work for me. I have never tried the Rhassoul Clay mixed with coconut water. I'm going to have to try that. I usually use plain water or vinegar which leaves a slight scent, so I use essential oils as well.