Finally got that trim!

So! My hair's been gagging for a trim (literally) and I knew I had to do something about it before I made things worse by allowing any split ends to travel up my hair shaft - damaging healthy hair.

For me when my ends start to look raggedy and 'transparent' i.e. compared to the density of the rest of the hair, you can 'see' through them; it's time for a trim! Now I would normally trim my hair when it's straightened but seeing as I'm on a no heat diet till December, I had to figure out a way to get a good trim on hair that wasn't straightened.

I decided I'd do a trim on medium sized twists - because when my hair's twisted, all the raggedy ends are just hanging down, looking limp and 'bleh' compared to the rest of the twists. So on my wash day, after deep conditioning and detangling my hair, I twisted everything up in nice juicy medium sized twists, got my scissors and cut away those limp looking babies.

I cut off about an inch of hair all round  but the difference was clear. Now when I comb my hair, I don't have annoying strands following my hands everywhere or hair falling in the sink/ floor when I finger detangle or those annoying bits of hair in my deep conditioner or moisturizer. My hair looks and feels so much better!

I've started taking my Manetabolism and using the MTG on my scalp so with my trim, I can't wait to see what kind of progress I am going to make!



  1. Dusted my edges tonight, just the way you did yours.
    I feel like I may still need a proper salon trim at the end of the year sha :)

    1. Cool! I think I'll also clip my ends at the end of the year when I plan to do a straightening for a length check. When its straightened, I'll be able to see much better what needs to clipped.

  2. I am transitioning my hair.

    Please, what steps do I take?