K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Sista!!!

Lawd! I just left a hair forum where there's a challenge going on and the sheer number of things on the daily and weekly 'to do list' left me dizzy.

I cannot stress this enough - develop a simple regimen and it is your CONSISTENCY that will determine the results you get. Doing so many things and adding too many things to your regimen has the potential not only to throw your hair off balance but when your hair begins to respond negatively, you will not be able to pin point what the exact problem is because, well - you're using too many things!

Then if you can't pinpoint which product is causing you grief, you take out the one which you think MIGHT be it, but the problem persists. You lose more hair than when you started, have weird smells following  you and end up getting frustrated.

It just isn't worth it I tell you - I've been there so I know exactly what I'm talking about lol!

If you want to try out new things, try them out bit by bit or one after the other, that way if your hair doesn't like  a product or a styling system, you'll know immediately and stay away from whatever it is.

I'm as adventurous as they come when it comes to trying new stuff out for my hair ( or so I like to think) but I learnt the hard way when I combined some ayurvedic oil (which I'd made myself by boiling herbs and oils) with garlic in my shampoo, rosemary rinses, egg and mayonnaise Deep Conditioner and God knows what else. When my hair began to shed and break like crazy and I began to break out in zits on my forehead I was so confused but I realised my mistake thankfully.

So there's my advice for the day! I understand the excitement of seeing the progress of so many people who tried different things and your desire to combine all these things in the hopes that you get all their results combined ( as if!) but you gotta chill and take things one at a time.

Trust me, the simpler your regimen is, the better for your hair and for you!

Till my next post!



  1. Replies
    1. Yes oh! Too many convoluted steps and recipes going on these days mehn

  2. Loool at your combination. Garlic in shampoo? Na wa o. As a manufacturer, I have so many ingredients, but I am one of the least adventurous person. I don't have time to be trying stuffs here and there.

    1. lolll yes oh! If I start remembering all the things I've done ehn! I've even used potato water (boiled potatoes and used the water) as a rinse! Hahahaha

  3. Yes oh. Simple is what helped me retain the most length!

    1. I know right?! Trying to simplify my own routine as much as possible.