Pictures From Our Recently Concluded Natural Hair Workshop

Hello beautiful people! It's been tooooo long!!! My goodness. I have so much to fill you up on as so much has been happening, but today we will start with our recently concluded Natural Hair Workshop,which held on the 20th and 21st of April.

Part of our mission at KL's Natural Beauty Bar is to equip stylists and hands on Naturalistas with knowledge and techniques, and in fulfilling this mission, we try to organize regular workshops to educate and train people in the science of hair, proper ways of handling hair and styling tips/ techniques.

Our recently concluded workshop focused on maintaining, nurturing and growing natural hair; and building regimens for different hair types.

Look at that color!

We had a trainee fly in from Cameroon and one lady from Benue State! It is indeed a blessing to be able to impact people from all around!!

All the way from Benue!

All the way from Cameroon!

Ada and Sarah

Goody bags from our sponsors - Design Essentials Nigeria

It was an amazing 2 days and we definitely look forward to the next training session where we get to educate and impact more stylists and hands on naturalistas!

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