Vaginal Cream For Hair Growth?

So I was at the local supermarket doing some 'quick fix' shopping for my bare fridge - I pick up a couple of pineapples and head to the counter to pay so I can head home and gorge on what I can tell will be juicy, succulent pineapples (yum!).

At the counter, is an old classmate with whom I'd just had a conversation while shopping earlier - she'd commented on my natural hair and we'd had a little chat. I set my pineapples down and she looks at them and asks quite innocently 'So is that for your hair?'.

Now those who know me, know how hard and loud I can laugh and I truly let go at this point. I mean I know 'Naturalistas' are as adventurous as they come - using everything from Palm Oil  to baby food all in a bid to get perfectly moisturized curls; but pineapples?! loll heck, who am I kidding, there's probably somebody somewhere who's tried pineapple juice as an elixir of sorts.

Which kind of brings me to my topic today - using vaginal cream (Monistat) to boost hair growth.

Now I like to think I'm adventurous when it comes to my hair - apart from my regular Shea Butter, Clay and Herb mixes which have earned me nicknames like 'herbalist' and 'joujou mixer' from close friends and family; I do an egg, mayonnaise, olive oil and honey strengthening treatment now and again, I'll use a ripe avocado if I find some and I once swore by Whale Sperm Oil for my hot oil treatments.

The first time I heard about people using coochie cream for their hair - I was in awe. I mean, who was that first person who thought of it? Did she have the itchies down there, use the cream and notice that somehow the hair in the area was growing more than normal? Or was it a more methodical approach she adopted - determine ingredients that help speed hair growth, look for products that have these ingredients and voila!

Whatever the case, it sure has caught on - loads of girls whether natural, relaxed or transitioning are slapping on these creams - either on its own or mixed with peppermint oil, Mega Tek (a coat and hoof treatment for horses) or some other oil or creamy moisturizer to get a potent growth aid aka 'I must be Rapunzel by fire by force'

Curious as to what was driving this seemingly mad trend, I did a bit of researching and found out that apparently the active ingredient called miconazole nitrate (an antifungal agent) has a chemical structure similar to another antifungal agent called ketoconazole which has been shown to block dihydrotestosterone ( also known as DHT) the hair-killing hormone responsible for female- and male-pattern hair loss.

I guess looking at those words, it would be kinda tempting to try it out just for the heck of it, right?

I've seen loads of pictures and videos of ladies detailing the progress they'd made in the time they used their potent growth aids so I guess it can be said that it does work.

On the flip side though, I have read of a lot of people developing bad headaches while using monistat on their heads ( there had to be a catch right? lol!)

I don't know that I'll ever be tempted to go down this route to speed up my hair growth, but hey you never know - right now I'm exploring something called the 'Inversion' method where you oil your hair, and turn your head upside down for 4 minutes each day for 7 days. According to 'reports' the rush of blood to the head, stimulates the follicles and reports of as much as 1 inch growth in that one week have been reported.

Stay tuned! :)


  1. Wow, oochie cream on hair?...that's a new one but I doubt the adventurous me would ever consider trying that.

  2. Well, I say 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'..........and then if it doesn't hurt, even better!

  3. loll! Even better truly! Thing is, might hurt when the reported headaches kick in - though I don't think it's everyone who suffers this side effect.....

  4. I have tried it. I didn't have headache. I'm not sure if it worked tho as I only used it for a month. I mixed it with oils and water in a spritz bottle.

    1. It's great to hear you didn't have a headache! Maybe if you'd used it directly on your scalp as opposed to spritzing? Will you be giving it another go to see whether it will work for you this time around?

  5. No I won't be.. It was one costly experience
    :-). I will stick to my spritz concotion. I used it directly on my scalp too, no headache..

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