Product Review - Elasta QP Mango Oil and Olive Butter Moisturizer.

I've tried this product on both my relaxed and natural hair and I LOVE IT! Like an unfaithful lover, I have at different times in my search for THE perfect daily moisturizer, cheated on this product by going in search of something that I thought surely was better than this; but every time, like a repentant cheat, I'd come back, tail tucked between my proverbial hind legs, head cocked to the side, arms outstretched and I am welcomed back into the creamy folds of this heavenly smelling moisturizer.

I first tried this when I was still relaxed and I was in need of a creamy protein based moisturizer to alternate with my (then) daily moisture based moisturizer (Luster's S Curl No Drip Curl Activator and Moisturizer) and it was love at first touch.

Of course I jumped on every product band wagon there was soon after going natural (who am I kidding? way before I went natural I was already a product junkie) and always wanted to try new stuff that was supposed to be the best thing for natural hair.

The Creamy Contents

I've probably said in an earlier post that seriously, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I think the times I strayed from the Olive oil and mango butter was when I was trying to stay away from silicones but I have since realised that as long as I don't OD on silicones and I clarify once a month, my hair and I are pretty fine. Everyone's hair is different and as I tell people, if you have a product that works for you and has light silicones, please ensure you're clarifying your hair at least once a month.

The Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango butter leaves my hair buttery smooth, tangle free and so so so soft! When I unravel my customary nightly plaits in the morning, my fingers glide through my hair - literally. I hadn't used this in such a long time and recently just started using it again  and all I can say is:


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