Throwback Thursday - A creamy crack appointment.

Lol! I was going through some pictures and stumbled upon this one from 2010 where I was about to get a
touch up (or 'retouch' as we call it).

On the trolley there you will sight what was my creamy crack of choice for over 15 years - Dark and Lovely in the regular strength. My stylist then  - Aunty Lola ( I have since become my own stylist :) ) was prepping my relaxer by mixing the activator into the tub of relaxer.

I remember those days so well - section hair in 3, 1 in the back and 2 in front, apply vaseline to hairline, apply relaxer to new growth (it literally physically hurts me when I see people applying relaxer to the whole head of hair, but truth be told, many years ago I was guilty of that same mistake) comb with a big comb, use a small comb to smooth, wait till it begins to tingle, rinse, condition and style. Lol.

These days though when I section my hair, it's to apply deep conditioner or henna - and no tingling or burning sensation thank you very much.

Do I miss my relaxed days? Not remotely. See the difference between the thickness and body in my hair relaxed vs natural? I wouldn't give that up. I'm sure though, that  if I had taken care of my relaxed hair it would have looked better but I have to confess I didn't.

I had stressed my relaxed hair so much over the years - taking out weaves and applying relaxer on the same day; taking out braids and applying a relaxer immediately, never giving my hair breathing space between styles. Its a wonder I had any hair left on my head lol!!

For a long time, a lot of people had no idea what my own hair looked like as I was putting something in as soon as I took another out. Glad I decided to actually start taking care of my hair!

Till my next post!



  1. Wow such obvious difference! Your hair looks lush now

  2. Wow this is great, how can I take care of my natural hair to make it full and healthy? Give me ideas please