My Latest Crochet Install

So I decided to switch up my crochet style after seeing a lot of really interesting styles online that I swear were calling out my name.
So this time around I decided I'd use Marley Hair - but instead of installing then curling with perm rods as most people do, I decided to curl each individual strand of hair before installing it - this would ensure I got a tighter curl and I wouldn't be bending my head in too many neck aching positions just to get my hair into hot water.

So I purchased the Janet Nor brand of Marley Hair which I really really like (and which is the brand we use in the salon) cut each strand of hair in half, brushed it out with a paddle brush, rolled it up on perm rods, soaked them in hot water, let them dry for a while and this was the curl that I was left with.

I prepared 4 packs of hair since i was curling individual strands - didn't want to be left halfway with half my hair done and no curled strands available.

Size of the perm rods used

I'd washed and deep conditioned my hair after I took out my last protective style a week prior but two days before I got this install, I made sure to do a deeper condition using a steamer for about 30 mins ensuring my hair got properly moisturized and fortified in preparation to be put away for a while.

The loop on top of each strand for the crochet needle

Sunday was a little quiet so got the girls to quickly weave and install the braids before it got too busy again and this is the final look.

I've gotten loads and loads of compliments and I'm definitely loving it. People aren't sure if I'm wearing a wig, or have a weave of some sort in lolll.  At night, I wear my satin bonnet and in the morning i use a little oil or serum, fluff it out a little and go on my merry way.

I'm loving the versatility of Marley hair and the various things I get to do with it - I'm also loving crochet braids as it's so convenient and for someone like me who hates getting weaves; it's a great alternative!

So that's it for me till the new year. I think my next one will be with Marley hair again but this time, I'll curl it after installing for a looser wave/curl.