Of Blonde Ambitions and Dramatic Births

Sooooooooooooo!!!!! Tuesday August the 11th is a day I shall never ever forget as long as I live!! One of the stylists in the salon who is pregnant, resumed as usual in the morning, finished up my hair (she'd done it the thursday before but I wanted it a little bigger) and then proceeded to attend to another customer. I noticed she'd been in and out of the toilet a few times and I even saw her carrying a bucket one time as the WC hadn't filled up quickly enough for her to flush the next time she used it.

She came to me and said she wasn't feeling well and needed to leave so I said not a problem. At this time, we were running low on kinky extensions and I quickly left to buy in the next street - spent about 10 minutes and drove back to the salon.

I got back and noticed one of my customers running to her car and another one trying to flag me down. I wasn't sure what was going on and I wound down to hear what one was trying to tell me and the next thing I heard was 'Yetunde has had her baby!'

I've never been so confused in all my life. So I park and rush to the salon and there she is on the ground outside with somebody using a shampoo cape to give her some privacy. I was astounded - to further astound me, this woman proceeded to pull the placenta out of her with everyone screaming at her. I rushed to get some nurses to come clean and wrap up the baby but as I was getting back with them, 2 customers drove past me having decided to take her to the hospital.

Where the baby was born
As it turns out, when I drove off to buy the hair, she took her bag, said she was leaving and left the salon. About 5 minutes later, a guy rushes in to the salon screaming that they need to come and help one of 'your staff'.

They rushed out and found her on the floor with a baby coming out of her.

Thankfully, mother and baby are doing well and I'll keep checking up on them to be sure everything is okay.

The color in natural light

So this is the hair that my Superwoman Yetunde fixed for me oh! Loll.

Ombre 30

 My usual crochet braids and I mixed an ombre 30 with some color 27 for this yummy blonde big hair look. Decided to add a bit of dramatic color to my crochet braids this time around - whaddaya think? :)


  1. She's really a superwoman. Love the blonde.


  2. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to her, but daaaaang baby, you couldn't wait?!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Baby was ready for the world!!!

  3. What do we think of your hair? Or what do we think about the birth?!!
    Who delivered that baby? A customer? And she pulled the placenta out!? I'm fainting as I read!

    1. Hahahahahahha. She delivered the baby her self oh!!! As in by the time everyone ran out, the baby was already out.

  4. Replies
    1. Lollll. Don't faint oh abeg. We're still getting over the shock here loll

  5. Wow wow wow! What an amazing birth story! What an amazing woman! My goodness, she is strong! I can't even picture the drama of this unfolding, it's too much. Lol! I am glad everyone is okay. She did a great job on your hair- I like it! I just installed my trusted Freetress Brazillian. I went crazy and instead of doing a 1B as usual, I did a ... 1. Lol! I used to do different colors but since getting married, I've decided not to shock my hubby too much. :)

    1. An amazingly strong woman oh!!! When it comes to attention to detail, she's one of my best so she was really taking her time to finish my hair when she was clearly in labor! I thank God she's okay. Lol at not wanting to shock your hubby. just use small streaks of color na

  6. #mouthopened! Wow! Well done to Yetunde and congratulations to her too. And congratulations to you too o. Thank God mother and baby are fine. I'm still in shock. Just trying to imagine the delivery. Pele Kemi. Lol