One Crochet Install, Three looks!

So I've been rocking my latest style for a little over 3 weeks now and I got to wear it in different ways. For the most part, I wore it (semi) wild and free; once I got a little tired of that, I decided to curl it for a different look.

The first day I had it installed, it was BIG as in it was HUGE lollll. It was just under 2 packs of hair but still looked quite fierce.

Yea it was crazy hair loll

Half wild and half blow dried

 Once I got home that night I got my blowdryer and proceeded to tame the mane. After I'd done that, it lost a lot of its volume and I thought it was a little flat so a couple of days later, I added about another pack of hair to fill it out, then I used my blow dryer again on the newly installed portions to even it out and loved the look!

How I wore it for the last 3 weeks

Rolled and dipped

When I decided to switch it up, I got some of medium sized perm rods, rolled and dipped in hot water. It came out very nice and I cut it a little to give it some shape and voila!

The curls styled and cut

I should wear this for about another week or so and then I shall be doing something else again. I'm in beast protective style mode!!

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