All About Rolls and Tucks and Gorgeous Hair!

So! I just had to put up this hair style - this customer has lovely thick hair and each time I get to style her hair, I have so much fun just playing around in it!

The last time she came, we created the cinna puff and this time she wanted a mix of two different styles and I was more than happy to oblige.

To say all the customers in the salon were green with envy is an understatement loll. Everyone wanted to know if I added anything to her hair and I was like - nope; it's all hers!

 Anyway hair was sectioned, put into a few rolls, tucked and pinned down. The top was then rolled and arranged to create this look.

I had a few people come in a couple of days later saying they'd seen her and chased her down for the salon details of where she got it done.:)  Now, that is the sort of advertisement I absolutely love!!

God is great!


  1. This is art. Howww? It's too beautiful

  2. So I've decided I'm featuring you today on African Naturalistas :)

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. Her hair is SOOOO Gorgeous! Well done!!

    Kemi - you need to research this "water only" washing technique that everyone is talking about now. I tried it a couple days ago and I must say my hair feels, looks, and is behaving really nicely. However, I want more information from someone who works with hair. What do you think about it? Will havoc be wrecked upon my hair if I keep this up? I will say that I don't use hard water on my hair and I still plan to use shampoo/conditioner on my hair every couple of weeks- if I continue this water method.

    1. Thanks Maureen!! I've been hearing about this water only thing and my immediate thinking is it will work if you're not heavy handed with products and slathering on stuff that has heavy duty ingredients on that can block the cuticles. If you're planning on using shampoo and conditioner every couple of weeks, I don't really see the harm. Will definitely be researching more...

  4. This is so so beautiful, kai. My hair is full enough to do this, but I can't because it is hard to moisturise, and I like my styles lasting for a while.

    I guess I just have to wait for one special occasion or the other, lol.