Excerpts From The Live Demo With Charis Hair, Plus a Surprise Proposal!

If you're into hair and or/weddings and you're on Instagram then you must have heard of and/or seen stuff by the amazingly talented lady Tola Olayanju whose handle is @CharisHair. She does some of the most stunning and intricate wedding hair styles that leave you oohing and aahing and wondering how she does it!

So on the 6th of December she hosted a live demo class at the Protea Hotel in Maryland, Lagos where she taught some of her tricks and shared very useful tips and information on bridal styling.

On hand were 4 models and each one got a different  bridal look. She shared a number of 'tricks' and product tips and one of the things I've sometimes struggled with - proper pin placement, she helped me with! I know it may seem like something very inconsequential but trust me, sometimes it's what will make or mar that hairstyle you want so desperately to showcase!.

Anyway there was a bit of a late start to it but we got going once they sorted out their technical issues. Tola is such a soft spoken, witty, beautiful and talented lady! I definitely enjoyed her delivery and teaching. The first look was simple yet so stylish - a low bun with a side sweep. This was probably my favorite of the day. I'm a no fuss, but with eye catching detail kinda girl :)

The second look had a bit more detail and more finger work - this one will definitely require loads of practice in setting those finger waves.

The third look I also really liked - more so because the color sort of lent it some added 'oomph' making the detail in the back that much more eye catching.

The final look was something that would probably work for a second dress/reception look. Effortless, side swept curls.

Demo done, small chops scoffed and it was time for questions - pretty straight forward questions and Tola did her best to answer (except the one where she was asked about how should you put a price on your services and she managed to diplomatically evade that lol)

A guy then got up in the back saying he wanted to ask a question and then he stopped; then said he wanted to ask whether.. then he stopped. At this point I was like 'dude abeg ask your question na'

He started again and next thing we knew, he was on one knee with a ring proposing to his girl seated next to him!!!!! Trust everyone! We rushed there, oohing and aahing and awwing and shoving cameras and phones in their faces lollllll.

It was so sweet. She was clearly shocked and was hiding her face for the longest time.

Definitely a lovely end to a good evening. We also got goodie bags which had some lovely stuff - I''m particularly loving the brushes and the matte lip cream!

 I then had to rush back home to get ready for the Corporate elite night which was a BLAST!!!

 I had attended the one in 2013 and had such fun - Billy Ocean, Maxi Priest, Tevin Campbell, Joe, Awilo. This year had 702 (well one chick from 702) 112, Next, Jagged Edge, Black Street (also one dude each from those groups loll) Highlight for most people was probably when Alex O came on stage and started singing his hit 'Celebrate.

I just found myself rapping from the deep recesses of my memory:

'Just take some time to bubble and shuffle
After all the hustle and bustle
Everybody wan celebrate
But nobody wan talk im age
If you come go ask a Lagos mama say
How many days she go celebrate
She go hala and hala and hala and say
Na wetin be your business!'


It was definitely a change letting my hair down and having some fun!!