Some Of My Favourite Hairstyles From December And January!

I can't believe how quickly January has gone by!! Goodness me! Next thing you know, we'll be saying Happy Easter then it will be Merry Christmas again!! I'm more motivated than ever to pursue my goals with greater intensity!! Truly, time will pass regardless of whether you're utilizing it or not.

So! January went off to a great start and I just wanted to share a few of my favourite hair styles crafted in the salon , with you!

So first up is this lovely young lady I like to call my 'muse' loll. My hands and her hair get along so well. From time to time, she'll come to me and ask for 'one of my styles' and once my hand gets in her hair, it's so easy creating something we both love.

Her inspiration for this was this updo I'd done on Osemhena a while back.

So I modified it a little and these are the results!

Second up is this yummy mummy who came on the recommendation of her cousin. She doesn't live in Nigeria and she says she always has to sort her hair out herself as she can't seem to find natural hair salons where she resides. When her cousin spoke to her about KL's she decided she'd try it out.

Now her hair is long and thick and fluffy (that's the best word to describe how her hair felt honestly) I thoroughly enjoyed playing in her hair. Decided to give her a Jumbo Flat Twist updo so she could get both eye catching style and longevity. She left with happy smiles!

Third up is my lovely friend Moyo. Moyo just makes me smile. We never run out of stuff to just talk about when she's in my chair - and we always have laughing moments. I decided to give her a braided updo and did this 'One big, one small' a.k.a 'rice and beans' a.k.a 'The Biggie Smalls' (the latter according to Rare Essence Academy :)

Her hair is also quite long and full so we didn't need extensions for the rolls in the middle.

Fourth up is Omozuwati who was a bridesmaid on her friend's train. This lady has thickness for days!!! Choi! She had washed and conditioned her hair and all I had to do was blow dry and style but that blow drying took some time as I had no idea how thick her hair was so didn't come prepared with my heavy duty tools. Lesson learned!!

Decided to do a soft roll updo and these are the final results.

Fifth up is Yvonne - calm and down to earth. She's also very finicky about how she wants her hair to look. For the last year or so, she's done 2 styles ONLY. Finally decided she would try something different. I'd done a mix of flat twists and rolls for her a few weeks prior which she liked (halleluyah lol) and so called to say she wanted another one of my 'creative do's' to which  I was replied 'of course!'

So this time, I decided to take it a notch further for her so after giving her a nice trim, I created this soft structured updo for her. She loved it and so did I!

Sixth up is another lady with PLENTY hair. I must make sure to take a picture of her hair next time she's in. Anyhoo, she came in last Saturday wanting to get braids. I have no issues with braiding but on a Saturday and with the amount of hair she has, it was going to be tough. So I suggested crochet braids and she decided to go with the Havana Mambo Twists. I love the color mix she picked!! Isn't she just beautiful?

Last up is a Bride To Be who wanted something for her pre wedding shoot. Decided on another soft structured updo and this is what we came up with!

Looking forward to creating new stuff this month. Let's go!!