Before Meets After - Silk Press On Natural Hair.

One of the beauties of natural hair lies in the fact that you are able to switch up styles and the look of your texture depending on your mood.

 I've had a couple of requests in the last month for silk presses and I happily obliged each one especially because they typically don't last too long in the high humidity and heat of Lagos; however, during the Harmattan season, there was less moisture in the air and so the probability of the hair staying straighter longer was higher.

When you want to straighten your hair, it is imperative you get some sort of protein condition prior to the use of heat appliances. This is because using direct heat (especially the flat iron) will compromise the integrity of the hair structure and since we know that hair is made up of Keratin (protein), fortifying it first before applying heat will lower the risks of attendant heat damage.

So with my client here, I first detangled her hair then proceeded to wash her hair. I clarified her hair and then followed up with a moisturizing shampoo - this was to make sure she didn't have any old product build up and then restore moisture levels in her hair. I then applied a protein/moisture mix to her hair,  and put her under the steamer for deeper penetration of the products in her hair.

After 30 minutes, I let her hair cool down a little then rinsed with cool water ( to help close the cuticles that the heat had lifted).

Her hair at this time was soft, detangled and strengthened. I then applied a heat protectant, blow dried her hair straight and using my beloved GHD iron, flat ironed her hair (2 slow passes on each section), gave her a trim and did a final curl.


I'm sure you can tell from the smile on her face she was pleased with the results. She was like 'my hair looks fabulous!' And I was very happy! Nothing like a happy customer I tell you.


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    1. Let's make a deal - you stick to your goal to be more disciplined with your hair and at the end of the year we'll straighten again to see how far you've progressed!! Deal?


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