Bridal Styling With A Wig!!

Photo: @waniolatundephotog on Instagram

So my last bride in December - Sola; made a suggestion for styling her hair on her big day - why not use a wig? I'd definitely never done it before and I thought - why not? So she got herself a HeatFreeHair 'For Koils' U - Part wig and left the rest to me.

I'm sure you must have 'heard' me talk about Heat Free Hair a number of times - I really love the quality of their hair! This texture in it's natural state is has really cute tiny curls that are oh so soft!!

Blow Dried Straight

The 'U' Part

In order to get it to the look I'd planned for her, I washed it, blow dried it straight and then using my curl wand, gave it these deliciously bouncy curls.
Curl wanded

We braided her hair down as her engagement was going to be that morning - that way she could tie her gele without much interference.

As soon as she came back to her hotel room, I whipped out my needle and thread, sewed the wig around her perimeter, flat ironed and used the curl wand on her leave out and voila!!!

( By the way, her sister was doing a countdown in the background i.e. shouting at every 5 minute interval how many minutes they had till take off! but thankfully we didn't spend too much time on the hair)

The original plan was to do some sort of 'half up half down' style but when I was done sewing the wig on, we both agreed the hair should be left down - it was so pretty on her!

With her train. Photo: @waniolatundephotog on Instagram

Put on her fab Vera Wang wedding gown and veil - she was good to go.  Sweet, simple and gorgeous!


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