New Year, New Opportunities, New Thinking!

Some happy moments from 2015 - Looking forward to happier and more fulfilling ones in 2016!

Happy New Year!!!!!!  Oh my, I've missed missed blogging but I needed to rest so badly as I had fallen ill during and after the festivities. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday and is pumped for the new year. I'd said in my New Year post on FB that I am deeply excited about this year.

Even with all the predictions of gloom and doom I firmly believe that this can work in our favour - we really really need to begin to look inward and think outside the box.

Just yesterday I came across this video and it made me even more hopeful about the positive changes that could come.

It's so funny because sometime in December, I ordered some of these fruits and nuts to give to customers in the salon (they were recommended by one of my customers) and everyone enjoyed them!

They're a healthy way to snack and delicious too!! It was such a nice surprise being able to put a face to the brains behind the Reel Fruits brand.

She's a Naturalista too!!!

Just now too on Natural Nigerian's Facebook page, she was talking about the need for a revamp in the manufacturing sector particularly of plastic containers. I know the pains I went through sourcing for containers for our whipped butter - I had to resort to importing containers and I know that's what most people who produce cosmetics and hair products do. The thing is how sustainable is that? With the current madness going on with our exchange rate, isn't it about time we start to find ways within our own country?

One of the things I want to concentrate on this year is focus on a lot of made in Nigeria brands in the store - Namaste Organics, Natural Nigerian, African Naturalista, Afro Riri Hair Care, Nubian Roots, Inner Beautee etc.

It is only by supporting and promoting ours that the awareness will grow. We need to start making changes and every single person has to determine in their minds to do that in whatever way they can.

What will you be doing different?


  1. Thanks for sharing the video. I've had some Reel Fruit before and thought it was pretty nifty. I'm still trying to grasp what I want to do this year - I know I want to be more disciplined across board - for my blog, I want better structure - and personally, the phrase "Personal Development" has been flying around my head for the past week or two. I just need to sit down and streamline what and what I want to do, and how I intend to achieve them.

    I think it's great that you'll focus on the Nigerian brands too - hopefully, this will drum up even more business within Nigeria and push it to the international community.

    Have a great year!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thanks dear I intend to! I hear you on that discipline part - I need a mighty dose of that too! Was able to put my thoughts on paper so at least my goals and plans for the year are tangible now. I really believe the Nigerian brands will do so well! There is some awesome stuff out there. Can't wait to see what the year brings. Have an amazing one xoxo

  2. Yaaay, I see African Naturalistas in the background somewhere. Kemi, we need to talk o. This plastic business is really challenging. We all have to rely on these Chinese companies, and it's not like they are giving us good quality. But since one of my watch word is 100% Nigerian made, my hands get tied sometimes. Mehn, if we can nail plastic packaging in Nigeria, we gon hit surpass the stars.

    Anyway, let's talk sha.

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    1. My dear! No worries - shall buzz you