Caring For Your Hair While In Crochet Braids.

Curly crochet braids - had just washed and conditioned my hair underneath.

It's no news that crochet braids have come to stay!!! Whether short, long, kinky, straight, twisted, braided; the possibilities seem endless and have given us ladies an amazing alternative to regular braids and weaves.

Now one of the great things about crochet is the fact that you get to wear some gorgeous styles that keep for longer than regular braids. Why you may ask? Well for instance as a naturalista, if I got my hair braided with regular extensions, by the 4th day, my kinks will start showing through the texture of the extensions, and by the end of week 1, what once looked nice and fresh will be looking like a hot mess.

With crochet braids, because the hair is first woven down and then the extensions crocheted on top, the hair is well hidden underneath and doesn't start to come through - meaning you can wear the hair for longer.

An example of what the hair looks like underneath the crochet style

Also when compared with weaves, you have better access to you scalp with crochet braids because as opposed to having those wefts going across your braided hair, causing extra heat and making you look like a psychotic person beating your own head when it starts to itch; you can actually stick your finger directly onto your scalp and scratch!

Now as with any other protective style, it is important that you care for your hair while in crochet braids so that the purpose of getting the protective style in the first place is not completely defeated.

Most people tend to get crochet braids and totally forget about their own hair - once the style has been taken down then they have dry, crackly strands that are brittle and breaking. That's a total No! No!

A simple regimen for your hair while in crochet braids is as follows:

1. Keep the scalp clean: Once a week, either use a dry shampoo on your scalp to get rid of dirt and excess oils. Apply the dry shampoo and using a warm damp towel or t shirt, clean your scalp till it's clean. If your crocheted hair is loose hair that's curly or wavy you could actually shampoo your scalp by diluting some shampoo in an applicator or spray bottle, applying to your scalp,  massaging the scalp gently to dislodge dirt and then rinsing thoroughly. Diluting the shampoo will help prevent build up in the cornrows.

Diluted Shampoo

2. Condition: As with the shampoo, dilute some conditioner in a bottle and squirt onto the cornrows at the bottom of your style, cover with a cap and let sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse. This step works best for loose, wavy or curly hair - not so much the long heavy braided and twisted variety. The conditioner used hair should be a moisture based one and NOT a protein based one.

3. Leave in - spray leave in generously on each cornrow and then apply a bit of oil to help seal in. This should be done after rinsing out the conditioner (or after cleansing your scalp with a dry shampoo if you will not be conditioning because of the type of crochet you have on).

4. Moisturize and Seal. Every 2 to 3 days, spray a water based moisturizer (or if you use something creamier, apply directly with your fingers by pressing some of the moisturizer into your cornrows) and follow up with an oil to seal the moisture in. You could apply a stimulating oil to your hairline every day (because once you wash your face in the morning, you'll probably wash most of it off so you can get away with applying everyday) and the rest of your scalp twice a week.

5. Always use a satin bonnet or scarf as this will help keep the style for longer and protect your hair too.

When taking down your style, gently remove the extensions then spray the cornrows with a rinse out conditioner and loosen, using your fingers to gently remove trapped shed hair and undo any knots.

Detangle thoroughly, wash, do a protein deep condition followed by a moisturizing one to strengthen your hair and improve elasticity respectively. Let the hair rest for at least a week before going into another protective hair style.

Should you follow these steps, you should be well on your way to reaping the benefits of using crochet braids as a protective style!


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