Fabulous Natural Hair Styles for our Brides, Graduants and Proud Mums!

It's been graduation and prom season and of course our brides too haven't been left out of the fun! I didn't realize how big a deal graduation had become oh! Even for primary school kids! Loll. It's all good though. We've been having a lot of fun styling so many young ladies for their graduation and prom ceremonies and here's a little snippet of what we've been up to:

One of our June brides, Bukky. She didn't want a sleeked back look with her tiara. That was something she was adamant about. After playing with a few looks, we settled for this low bun in the back and side sweep. 

Graduating in style with a vixen crochet instal - This lovely young lady who's been a customer with us for a while now, wanted a vixen crochet she could style in different ways. Using our beloved Afri Naptural definition braid, we were able to give her a seamless 4 way vixen crochet install which she's styled in different ways! The versatility is absolutely fab!

Now this lady is the mum of the lovely young lady above. She wanted something head turning for her daughter's graduation, so we gave her just that!

Beautiful Anu - we almost didn't get to do this as she didn't decide till the last minute (literally) whether she would use a weave or just style her natural hair. I'm glad she went with showing off her hair. The one interesting thing about styling her was that the order of ceremonies was a different pattern than I'm used to. 

Usually when brides have both ceremonies on the same day (traditional and Church) they do the traditional ceremony very early then come back and get dressed for church (which always turns out to be a mad dash as the Alagas ALWAYS waste time, leaving barely enough time for a change of makeup, hair and outfit for the church service).

Anyway what Anu did was have hers on a Sunday, then she had her Church service first at 8am, came back and changed for her traditional ceremony, after which she then changed for the reception! It made sense actually. There was no mad dash to make the service because an Alaga had run over the alloted time and she still got to merge both ceremonies on one day. We changed her hair for the reception of course as her gele had messed up the first style. 

This beautiful lady was off to a red carpet event but still had to look pulled together during the week as she had power meetings. We crocheted some hair and gave her some soft rolls for this chic look.

One of our graduating lovelies. The twists were left in for a few days and she did a twist out just before her ceremony.

Another graduating lovely and twin sister of the young lady above. 

You can never go wrong with big Didi! This client came in and got some color in her hair then settled for this low manipulation, eye catching style using some extensions. Love!

One of the bridesmaids from Bukky's bridal party. She had a massive head of crochet I had to figure out a way to tame! Thank fully we got it tame and nicely styled.

What's a post about fabulous hairstyles without my beloved Flat Twists? :)

Another June bride. Her smile says it all! Lovely thick hair that was styled into this gorgeous 'do.

Shall be bringing you more!


  1. Natural Hair Slayer of Life!!!!

    I have vixen crochet braids in now, btw. I had my mum cornrow my hair and I did most of the crochet myself.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Love!
    Beautiful work, Kemi!
    I especially like the big didi with colour.

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