My 'Her Given Hair' U Part Wig.

If you've read a couple of my posts you would have noticed there are 2 things I absolutely love - Crotchet braids and wigs!! I also like big hair so I'm very partial to afro or curly textured extensions. When it comes to 'Human Hair' extensions for natural hair, the ones I've worked with and love are Heat Free and Her Given Hair so when I got the chance to get my very own Her Given Hair  U Part wig, I was over the moon!!

Just like most other makers of natural human hair extensions, there are 3 types of textures - Kinky, Coily and Curly. In my experience, the Kinkiest textures are typically very hard to maintain and I really wasn't in the mood to handle 2 heads of kinky hair (counting mine of course) So I opted for the Coily texture which is somewhere in between Kinky and curly.

I originally wanted to get clip ins but I thought I would do a wig instead and manipulate my hair less in wearing that protective style.

So the wig came in a lovely box with a very detailed handbook telling you how to treat the hair, recommended products, blending your own hair with your U Part wig and also the different styles that you could manipulate the hair into.

To wear it my first time, all I did was spritz it with water till it was damp and then I worked some leave in through. I used the Giovanni Direct leave in. This helped to 'activate' the curls and they were popping! The next thing I had to do was figure out how to get my own hair to curl and match the texture and i didn't want to do a twist out!

I remembered I had Taliah Waajid's Curly Curl Cream and so I lightly spritzed my hair, applied the cream in my leave out, making sure to run my fingers through the hair till my curls started to clump and voila!!!! It was a perfect match!!

The only draw back of course was that my hair shrunk because of the moisture so I used a pin to stretch bits of my hair, twirled the ends round the pin and stick them in randomly into the wig for a seamless blend.

I absolutely loved it!!! I'm definitely going to be exploring other ways to wear the wig and be bringing you more styling options.

You should definitely check out them out HERE and if you want to get any pieces and would love a discount (like you wouldn't right!) use the exclusive coupon code 'kemilewis'

Thank me later! Mwuah!


  1. So pretty! You and the hair!

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