My Weird Online Bullying Experience.

It's funny how some things happen and you literally laugh it off but later you realise that it actually was not cool in anyway and even though you let it slide, how about people who are more vulnerable to such negative behaviour?

Such was my experience over a 3 week period last month - I had posted a video on Instagram showing me with Henna in my hair and initially the comments were questions about henna and its benefits etc. The video then got featured on the Naturalista Channel and thus got more views from men and women alike the world over and that's when the nastiness started.

I had people saying I looked 'nasty' or 'ewwwww' 'yuck' or  I should go take a bath; or I had poop in my hair, or my favourite 'wash your nappy hair, thanks' lolllllll Like seriously!!!

It now got to the point where I had other people championing my cause so for instance in response to
the 'wash your nappy hair thanks' message, someone said 'kill yourself. thanks. To which he replied 'at least my hair will be clean when I die'

I honestly have never been exposed to such vileness from random people online who have NO CLUE who I am - Initially I was deleting all the nasty comments and actually did a general response; but then I realised it was a waste of energy. I decided to be entertained instead - I was actually amused by it all.

I also got thinking about so many younger/thinner skinned people online who would probably be so upset and think these horrid comments were some sort of reflection about them as individuals. I truly began to understand and empathize more with victims of really nasty online bullying - I am by no means equating my experience with some downright EVIL things some people have experienced (which in some instances resulted in them taking their own lives) but i understood better how it starts and how nasty people can be online.

It ended up having over 2 million views and I'm still unsure as to what was so captivating about it - It also made me think how as humans we are quick to demean things that are not familiar to us. This I think has increased a whole lot more in the last couple of years with the anonymity that the internet affords.

Such intolerance being exhibited. It's also got me to be more open minded about stuff I see and prior to then knew nothing about. There are so many cultures, groups, ways of thinking and living that it would be such a disservice to ourselves to immediately dismiss something we see which we've never seen before or which we don't understand.

Here's sending out some peace and love to all you lovely people


  1. I have zero chill when it comes to things like this. You are right, those that are younger or more susceptible to being swayed by other people's opinions of them. I was just discussing social media with a friend of mine. I do not see truly successful people on Social Media doing anything but promoting themselves in one way or other. It is perplexing to see that there are a bunch of people who hang around just to act as a cog in people's wheels. Their sole purpose is to sniff out the smallest hint of trouble and blow it up until it explodes. O di egwu.

    1. In fact! I don't get these people. So sad and miserable.

  2. People can be so ignorant and rude!
    Funny thing is that most (if not all) of them probably have nothing good going in their lives except trying to drop "funny" lines on the internet without caring that it'll hurt people.
    Don't get me started on how racist it is that a white guy commented "wash your nappy hair". (Yes, I checked his page).
    On the plus side, 2 million views!!!!

    1. Yup - there were a few other racist ones I deleted. It just makes you wonder what sort up upbringing they have and environments they live in.


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  4. You've got an amazing blog. You are an amazing person. No one's opinion defines you in any way. Keep being you.

    As one of the other comments has correctly stated, people with sad lives off the internet find some iota of joy in being mean to other people online. They actually deserve pity.