Our Beautiful Brides (and bridesmaids) Slaying Their Natural Tresses!

It's been too long since I did a bridal post so I have decided to do a long overdue one - bringing us up to speed on all our gorgeous brides (and bridesmaids in some instances)

Meet Jennifer - gorgeous bride with simple tastes. She had a train of 5 and we helped style them all!

Then bridesmaids:

Then meet Ray Ray, funny, quirky OAP who is originally from East Africa (I think) and got married to a Nigerian. This was probably one of the calmest atmosphere I have ever worked in. It was just her, her friend and her makeup artiste in the room.

Then we had these natural bridesmaids from a very large bridal party.

Then my client turned sister - Jessica. The wedding was so beautiful and intimate. It was such a joy celebrating with her and her husband.

Backview of Jessica's hair

Then meet Didi - who had 9 bridesmaids!!!

Till the next post!!!


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