NITC 7, My Funky Updo and Overcoming My Fear of Public Speaking!

Phew! The last couple of days have been hectic and loooong but so rewarding! The 7th edition of Naturals In The City held yesterday the 30th of November at the lovely Omenka Gallery in Ikoyi: it was my first time at the meet up and not only did we have a stand to showcase and sell our products but I had been given the honor of speaking to the lovely ladies present about Ayurveda in Natural hair care (thanks again Natural Nigerian!)

Now, I am FRIGHTENED when it comes to speaking in front of a crowd of people and I had worried myself silly right before I went up to speak. This fear is one I'm determined to conquer and late last year I took steps towards that by enrolling and participating in a public speaking course at the Lagos Business School. I believe it's helped me because I was able to calm my nerves and speak as clearly as possible (yay!) When I recall some horrendous episodes in the past when I literally melted when I got in front of a group of people, I just cringe in embarrassment - maybe one day I'll be brave enough to recount some episodes here for your enjoyment :)

Anyways, in preparation and to showcase the mad skills we have at KL's Natural Beauty Bar (yea, I gotta toot our horn lol) I had one of our stylists work her magic on my hair and even though it took about 2 hours and my butt hurt like heck, the end result was definitely worth it! I am absolutely loving my  hair and so did a lot of people at the natural hair meet up! I shall try and carry this style for at least 2 weeks before I move on to the next exciting style!

 She cornrowed the sides of my head and then had the middles section mini twisted. When I got home that night, I decided to add some curl definition to the twists and bantu knotted small chunks of twisted hair using Jane Carter's wrap and roll. I love it!

NITC 7 was fun! While I didn't get a chance to get inside for most of the program as I was attending to ladies at my stand, I got to meet so many lovely people with gorgeous hair, and loads of colorful stories to go with their hair journeys thus far. I'd really looked forward to the screening of 'Kicking it with the Kinks' but seeing as I missed that, I'm going to go look for it somewhere, somehow.

At the product stands were Natural Nigerian, Sizzelle, Olori, Vanity Oils, Ajali, Mostelle 360, African Naturalistas and a number of other wonderful vendors. It was truly a lovely sight seeing hair products, healthy foods, body scrubs, oils, accessories and shea butter products in all their colorful glory.

In my nervous excitement, I forgot the most important thing - pictures!!!!! I am covering my face in shame here - currently I'm going a - begging to get my hands on a few from people who had the presence of mind to take pictures.

Hopefully I should have some in the next 48 hours! Have a great one folks!


  1. Where is the 'like' oops I mean 'love' button for this article?

  2. Awww thank you for loving it!!

  3. You were awesome and gave me the courage to speak too! I also didn't have the presence of mind to take loads of pictures. I hope you won't mind my using your picture too....with a link back to you of course!
    I enjoyed your explanation of ayurvedic methods and currently using it as a regimen to retain length.

    1. Thank you sooo much Hadassah! That just made my day when you said I gave you courage to speak! I'm so glad you enjoyed the talk and are finding the tips useful - you have such lovely hair! Pls go
      ahead and use my picture - still in the process of tracking usable pics from that day.....

  4. I enjoyed the meeting. I also didn't take any picture. I am actually caring your style here just without the curls. I wish I knew you earlier, I enjoyed the magical hand of your stylist. I am in Australia now and I'm scouting for natural black hair salon, its not an easy thing, still looking. So I will be carrying my hair longer than two weeks, lol!

  5. Awwwww! As they say, better late than never! I'm glad you finally found our store/salon and enjoyed the experience! My dear, you can rock your hair for much longer than 2 weeks trust me lol! Because Lord knows when you'll be able find a black salon Down Under!! Take care and hope to see you soon!

  6. Hi, I met you at the NITC event too and bought some henna from you. I have tried that and liked how strong my hair felt afterwards, though it was seriously a lot of work.

    I plan on coming in for the same hair style you were rocking that day. Hopefully this week or next. Will call for an appointment.

  7. Hi Ore! So glad to hear that the Henna worked for you - and yes, it is a lot of work but very worth it. Look forward to having you in the salon soon!