The Versatility of Marley Hair

I absolutely love love Marley hair and all the lovely wonderful things you can get to do with it. From twists to faux buns to crochet braids to updo's, to faux locs, the list is seemingly endless!

Just thought to give us a bit of inspiration for the various styles that can be created using Marley hair. Now there are so many brands - but typically the textures tend to be the same all through (give or take some softness and fluidity here and there)

So here are some pictures of styles that have been achieved using Marley Hair, hopefully this will inspire a few people!


Whether short or long, Marley hair can be used to create lovely skinny or chunky twists. The brand will typically determine how many will be needed for the chosen style as some brands can be fuller or lighter than others.

Chunky long twists

Short twists

Medium sized long twists

Put your hair up in a pony tail (or 2 or 3) attach a pack or two of marley hair, and pin in place! It really is as easy as it sounds. Practicing, pinning and re pinning is one way of experimenting and finding out what works best for the shape of  your face and features.
Top Bun

Woven Updo

Hair Bow

Fancy Updo

Hair is first braided then strands of hair are used to wrap each braid to give it that 'loc' look. Different colors can be used here to give highlights and an overall more interesting look to the final outcome.
Regular Faux Locs

Long thick locs highlighted with colored Hair

Short Locs


Whether you're wearing it straight, braiding it in or curling it, you'll still end up with a head of beautifully styled hair! I've been experimenting with different sized rods and loving all the results I'm getting. You definitely can't go wrong with this.

Crochet Braids curled with small perm rods

Pre curled before installation using purple perm rods

Big Hair! 

Crochet Twists

Curled with Purple Rods

Crochet braids with no curling, put up into a double bun.

And there you have it!! I'm definitely going to keep experimenting in the new year, seeing what other gorgeous things we can come up with using Marley Hair and shall be bringing that information here to you guys for inspiration!!!

Happy New Year in Advance folks!!!!!!



  1. YES to the bun!!! And these faux locs that I promised myself in 2014 :p

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Everyone loved that bun! lol. Indeed oh! Whenever you're ready sha....

  2. Do u have the marley hair for sale?

    1. Hi! Yes we do. Please send an email for prices. Thanks!

  3. Hi,pls do u make corporate kinky in your salon and how much?want to book for an appointment. Tnx

    1. Hi, not sure what 'Corporate Kinky' is? Could you inbox us so we could discuss properly. Thanks!

  4. That fancy updo is just the bomb.
    I love it.

  5. When it comes to styling I'm naturally clueless. I will try to try one of these

  6. Do you have a front view photo for the "Woven Updo" Bun (pic #6)? I love the side view!!!

  7. Hi Loved this post. I know im a couple of years late, just wondering if you still have this in stock, the marley hair ?