Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear it feels like just a couple of months ago when I was saying happy new year to usher in 2014! The way last year flew by was no joke!!! Anyway, thank God for another year - so many highs and lows were experienced last year - but of course, that is all part of life.

I've learnt to view everything from a different perspective particularly when experiencing 'downs' to help give me a more balanced view, instead of complaining and feeling down and out.

So here's to an amazing 2015 for every single one of us! May we experience greater heights and dimensions in all facets of our lives and when we go through trials, may our testimonies be even greater!

God bless!



  1. Happy New year to you too.

    1. Thanks Idy! Here's wishing you an amazingly fulfilled 2015!