Stretched out hair at its best!

See how stretched out and smooth the back is? Just from brushing up with eco styler and a bit of water and tying in a puff.
Remember in my post about my first wash day in 2015 I was talking about how my hair doesn't particularly take to excessive heat styling? Well, I remembered I had a few pics of my perimeter when my hair is stretched out after wearing a bun and thought to share.

One day I'd just taken down the puff I was wearing and was stroking the back of my head and it hit me just how smooth to the touch it felt! I took a picture so I could have a look at it and I was quite amazed at how stretched out it was and how it almost looked like I'd flat ironed the hair.

This for me just further proved that I don't really need heat to stretch my hair as far as I want it because something as simple as brushing up with ecostyler and tying it down for a while will stretch it out to the max! I guess particularly because the texture around my edges is much looser and softer than the rest of my hair.

All I'd done here was fluff out an old braid out, apply some water and eco styler to the edges and brush up into a bun.

I'm thinking I need to chill out on my puffs though because my edges look a little thinner than normal. Puffs are so convenient and quick but I may have been overdoing it so I guess it's a good thing that I'm in  a protective style at the moment that has left my edges alone. And I plan to protective style even more this year and leave my edges well alone for the most part.

With my crochet braids, I always leave the edges and don't crochet any hair onto that portion so the weight of the hair doesn't pull at it.
Notice how no hair was crocheted onto the edges
I'm definitely going to be applying my Jamaican Black Castor oil religiously to my edges! Hopefully that should take care of that.

Till my next post!


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