First Protective Style of 2015 - Crochet Braids Using Freetress Bulk Braiding Hair.

I am sooooooooooo feeling this style!! Sometime towards the tail end of last year a couple of customers came to get crochet braids in using Freetress braiding hair and I really liked the hair. I went online and saw that the Freetress brand comes in so many different texture variations and was definitely willing to explore.

This pack is from one of my customers, the color I used is  actually TP1/350

So I got my hands on 2 packets of Freetress Bohemian Braids (20 inch) and as soon as I could, installed my crochet braids as this harmattan was drying my hair out like no man's business.

I cut each strand in half, separated into 3 or 4 (depending on thickness of each strand) coated the separated strands with a little bit of eco styler gel so that it would become smooth again after the frizziness created from separating; then installed.

Thickness of each strand before separating

After separating - notice the frizz

Ecostyler to the rescue!!!

I didn't do any fancy braid pattern - everything was woven to the back with two cornrows being joined half way down to form one - so I ended up with about 12 cornrows in the top half of my head and 6 in the back.

After eco styler has been applied - see how smooth and less frizzy it is.

After installing, I cut it into a shape I felt suited my face and that was it! It's been a week now and I have to say I'm really liking this hair - I kinda prefer it to the Marley hair I did because it's not getting fuzzy, its very easy to separate in the morning and I haven't had any fuzzy, fused ends yet (that may very well be because of the eco styler gel I used prior to installing)

I'm going to experiment with washing my hair in these braids and will see how that goes. That's it!!

Till my next post



  1. Great hair style, just please take your time when removing this hair style. And no matter how long you leave the crochet braids in your hair-just use the Take Down Remover cream to safely detangle and remove your hairstyle.

  2. This is really nice. I can't wait to try it!

  3. It looks great! Funny you are talking about this hair now, because I just decided to try out the Brazilian and installed it in last week too! It is so light and easy to use! Plus, I can easily keep my hair moisturized because there are no adverse effects of getting Freetress hair wet!

  4. Ooo I like! Do you sell Fretress at the salon?

  5. Please do you sell femi Marley hair at your salon