A Customer's KL's Naturals Transformation.

I think I shall be doing more of these types of post - where I showcase a few customers who come through and do a big chop or who by caring for their hair with our help, witness huge changes in terms of improvement in length and thickness of their hair.

This young lady is actually my cousin who apparently had stopped relaxing her hair over a year ago and had literally had it with dealing with 2 textures. She wanted to chop off the rest of the relaxed ends, get some color (she loves color) and style her hair.

Now, her hair is quite curly and she has medium textured hair - by the time we'd washed her hair, those ends looked raggedy with a capital R!

It was easy snipping them off and because she still had some color in her hair, we decided to leave that in and go straight to styling. She wanted something curly so I decided on a permrod set with a bit of weaving on both sides of her head to enhance the overall shape in a way that would suit her features.

Hair woven, rollers put in and under the dryer she went - for the set we used the Twist and Set Lotion by Design Essentials and also the Curl Enhancing Mousse ( I love these 2 for wet sets).

Her hair came out absolutely beautifully and before she even left the salon I already had 2 people saying this would be their next hair style!

All in all, she was happy and I was definitely happy too!!

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