D.I.Y Flaxseed Gel - Healthy, Great Hold AND Moisturizing!

Remember I said this year I'll be doing a whole lot more natural stuff in terms of hair products? Well my latest venture in this regard was making my own gel from flaxseeds and it was very very simple and straightforward!

My hair crush Naptural85 has had a video on this on YouTube for a while but it was only last week that I finally got round to trying it out and I'm glad I did.

I've actually used flaxseeds for years but not in my hair - in my food. They are a rich source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, lignans and fiber. The fatty acids have a heart healthy effect, the lignans have a plant estrogen and antioxidant effect (the plant estrogen is particularly good for ladies as its been proven to help prevent breast cancer and also block receptor sites against estrogen so the body does not have an over abundance of what could lead to the development of types of benign tumors such as fibroids)

And of course fiber is great for making you fuller for longer, helps maintain a healthy weight, maintains bowel health and lowers cholesterol levels. I would normally sprinkle a spoonful of the ground seeds (if you can't get your hands on the ground seeds, simply grind the whole seeds by using the mill that comes with your blender) on my early morning cereal or smoothie. They can also be added to pancake mixes, bread, yoghurt etc.

Imagine my surprise then when I found out that this mucilaginous seed is also great for hair! Anyway, so all you need is a little to make a good amount of gel so in addition to all the goodies listed above, it's also extremely economical!

All I did was boil a little amount of the seeds while stirring from time to time (so they didn't get stuck at the bottom of the pot) and once it boiled, all this thick, clear gel started to form. Turned the heat off and then  proceeded to strain the gel by placing pantyhose over the container I was going to use, pouring the seeds into the pantyhose and then squeezing the gel through (I advise getting some sort of plastic or metal tongs for this portion as the seeds and gel were HOT!)

Afterwards, I added a few drops of vitamin E oil, Cinnamon Oil (has a great tingly effect) and Rosemary essential oil. I used it the following day on my edges and through my hair and it made my hair that much softer and detangled while laying down my edges. Perfect!!!

I stored in the fridge and when I used it again the following day, it felt great on my strands and I had even shinier hair as the coolness of the liquid also helps to smooth down the hair's cuticles.

I will definitely be using this from now on to sleek back my hair for those updos and possible for any styles that require a light holding product. Shall report back on any cons I experience.

Till my next post!



  1. I think I should start calling you the DIY or Ayurveda Queen!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. LOL!!!! I shall gladly accept :)

  3. Where can I get flax seeds? This will definitely be great to try.