....And I'm back in Protective Styling!

Channeling my inner Diana Ross 'I'm coming out! I want the world to know, gonna let it show! lolll

Phew! As much as I love pampering and caring for my hair, as it's gotten longer and thicker my arms have started to ache anytime I'm detangling, styling etc lol. I had planned to keep my hair out for 2 weeks maximum but because I wanted to try out a couple of new D.I.Y things (which I've brought to you) I ended up leaving my hair out for close to a month! No bueno! This year is supposed to be about protective styling for the most part.

Anyways, of course my go to style at the moment is crochet braids and that is exactly what I got! I've been wondering what big hair would look like on me so I planned on getting crochet braids with Marley hair but not doing anything with it (at least not immediately). We'd just taken delivery of some really soft Marley Hair called 'Jamaican Braid' and I knew it would be perfect for what I had in mind.

So I got hold of some, and cut the length into 2 so that I would get some sort of layered look going. Braid pattern was one going all back and the hair was installed pretty quickly. Used just 2 packs of hair and this is the result!

My reaction when it was done was along the lines of  'Why did it take me this long to get this look going? I frigging love it!! It's bigger than anything I've ever tried but somehow my face manages to carry it pretty well.
Jamaica Braid (along with some other crochet friendly hair at the Salon)

I didn't want to curl it immediately so I carried it in all its Diana Ross looking glory for about a week then I decided to try a braid out.
Braided up

 I braided sections very tightly then dipped in hot water and this is what I got. I kinda wish I hadn't done this truth be told. I miss my big hair!!!!! The braid out has 'devolumized' it and it doesn't look as fierce as it did before.

I'm contemplating carrying this braid out look for another 2 weeks then removing the hair and installing again (without changing the braiding pattern etc) with fresh marley hair for that big look.

Let's see how I feel and then I'll decide.

Till my next post


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