Happy Anniversary to Us!! We're 3!!!


Honestly I can't believe how much time just flies!!! I remember just like it was yesterday - the mix of excitement, fear, panic and sheer joy. God has truly been faithful - in the past 3 years we've expanded our range of products and services, grown from 3 staff to 10, grown our client base and there are so many more things that God has in store for us!!
August 9th 2013 - My friends supporting me on the opening day even though they weren't (and still aren't lol) natural.
In the beginning - we had a small generator and couldn't put up a sign yet. Spot the small airer for our towels?
We started with whipped shea butter in 2 scents - Lavender and Jasmine

2 styling stations was what we first started with

We've had to increase styling stations to 5 and bring in more chairs too for those really busy moments
Expanded to include our Ultra Smoothing Conditioner and Coconut Oil in 3 variants - Orange, Camwood and Rosemary.

The sign came up!

Our Very first crochet braids! We installed using bobby pins lol

When Spice TV Came calling. Was more than happy to grant this inteview 
Repping at Dabs' Salon Day out with the Lovely Berry Dakara. Talking (and showing them later) the benefits of Rhassoul clay.

Our First ever training session for naturalistas and natural hair stylists.

Please join me and celebrate this milestone. So much to be thankful for, and so much more to look forward to.

 Long may the reign of KL's be!!!


  1. Many congratulations and happy anniversary! It is glad to see you like this. I have used many products of KL's Natural and it works brilliantly. I deeply loved to use these products. Thanks for sharing your special moment with us.


  2. Wow. Congrats. Happy anniversary to you. You will move to greater heights in Jesus name.

  3. Congratulations Kemi! You have magic hands. I wish you more and more success.

  4. Big Congratulations to you. I am particularly happy cos of the beauty of growth. I was at the Salon meet in Lagos were you taught us about the benefits of Rhassoul Clay, i was particularly drawn to you when you came out of your car you wore a t-shirt that read 'NATURAL TO BAD' or something like that, loolz. May God continue to bless your salon and we shall be reading on your 10 years anniverssary with many KL Naturals salon opened in all state of the nation. Kudos ma'am.

    1. Lol - Ele toh Natural! Natural toh Bad wouldn't be a bad idea either :) Thank you so so much Oyinkan. Amen and Amen and Amen! You've prayed my heart's desires and may God in his mercies grant them. Amen!

  5. CONGRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATS!!!!!! I'm happy to have been part of the journey somehow :p

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