Having Fun At The Genevieve Beauty Awards

Firstly I want to say a big big thank you to everyone who took time out to vote for me! Though we didn't win (this time) it meant so much to me that:
1. My work was recognised
2. So many people were full of encouragement and went out of their way to vote and also got others to vote.

I am truly thankful!

Okay so having said that, the awards show (this was their first) was billed to start at 5pm on Sunday the 13th of Novemer -  I had planned on getting there for 6/6.30 thinking that they wouldn't start on time (hides face).

I had deliberated on what I would wear - it's an award show, I was a nominee so I had to look great right? :) My really good friend Kix suggested I go to Moofa Designs and seeing as they're also in Dolphin, that made it easier for me. I browsed their instagram page and saw this pretty blue dress that looked like it would be perfect.

Went in the next day and there the dress was just waiting for me to pick it up lollll. Seriously though, I tried it on and it was a near perfect fit. They just needed to take a few inches in on the sides and take the hem up a little as it was too long and that was it!

Natural Nigerian, Moi, Dabs of Naijahaircangrow and YellowSisi

So Sunday dawns bright and early and I have all sorts of things lined up on my schedule including styling hair for a couple of models on a shoot for Stella's Addiction and Eleanor Goody. Of course I got caught up at work and ended up leaving the salon at almost 4pm. Still had to go get make up done, clean up and dress up!

I hate rushing through stuff so I was already getting a little panicky when my makeup didn't start till 5pm - finished just before 6 and rushed home to get dressed. At this point I still wasn't sure what I was doing with my hair so I knew I would have to create something fast!

I was done just before 7pm and then get a Whatsapp message from Dabs of Naijahaircangrow and she's like 'Kemiiiiiiiii where are you????" my heart did all sorts of double flips lolllllllll. I call her and she's speaking in hushed tones - I guess someone was up on the podium at that point. So I speed out of Lekki, trying not to curse the crazy idiots blocking the road because of course Nigerians don't know the meaning of road courtesies and being patient *rolls eyes*

I eventually get to Intercontinental Hotel and go upstairs, take a few pictures and walk into the hall. Dabs, Yellowsisi and Natural Nigerian were all sitting together and had saved me a seat so I just wriggled past them and sat down.

Of course at this time, I had missed my category and the award was won by Abbey Crystal Signatures. I still had a good time with my lovely colleagues as we laughed and joked and did what ladies always like to do when there are no immediate responsibilities of work and family.

Host of the Night - Vimbai

Abbey Crystal Signature

The most touching part of the evening for me was when a special recognition award was given to Bobby Eke of Bobby's Signature - remember him? Bobby's was the place to go when I was in Unilag! I remember getting  a few short weaves fixed there and how EVERYONE wanted to go to 'Bobby's!
So a few years ago, he had a stroke and had to sell pretty much everything to sort out medical bills. I mean he shut down all 4 of his salons!!! 4! It was so heart breaking to hear and to even see him struggle to walk up and down the stage.

Betty Irabor and Bobby

Mrs Betty Irabor started a fund for him and in less than 15 minutes, about 2 million was raised - to help him start a new salon. It was so moving and humbling honestly! Health really is wealth.

Korede Bello got us on our feet with 'Romantic' 'Godwin' and a new song 'African beauty' I think it was.

Tara Fela Durotoye

R and R Luxury

Best Spa - BNatural

By 9pm the show was over and it was time to go home and prepare for the week ahead! All in all it was a fun night and I'm definitely glad I got to go. Below is a list of all the winners in their different categories:

Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year - House of Tara
Best Beauty Blog - Stella's Addiction
Best Beauty Campaign - Zaron Cosmetics with Rita Dominic
Best Salon - Make Me
Best Makeup Artiste - Bimpe Onakoya
Best Natural product (Skin and Hair) - R n R Luxury
Best Online Retailer - Beauty Rev
Best Spa - BNatural
Best Nail Salon - Nail Studio
Best Product of the Year (Skin, hair and makeup) - Zaron Cosmetics
Best Hairstylist - Abbey Crystal Signature
Beauty Store of the Year - Casabella
Emerging Beauty Entrepreneur of the year - Ifeayinwa Ojekwe of Ajali (she got a 5,000 Euro gift!)

So there you have it! The first Genevieve Beauty Awards - celebrating talent in the Beauty Industry.


  1. You ladies all looked really nice. I like the camaraderie that you have with each other.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Wow, well done. You ladies looked really great.

    1. Thank you!! We clean up pretty good right? lol

  3. Kemi, first thing I did was saved you guys picture! You were all on point!!!! I'm glad new businesses were being recognized and I was touched by Bobby's Signature's story. God is great!!! Enjoyed reading your recap of the event!