Channeling my inner Minnie Mouse using Marley Hair.

Have I said how much I love YouTube and get a lot of inspiration from there? If I haven't well there it is! I have a few favorites I follow, and a few randoms I just happen to stumble upon - and sometimes its those latter ones that make you go 'Aha!'

So I came across this absolutely cute bow during one of my trawls on YouTube and had been meaning to try it out. Finally I got my hands on some Marley braiding hair and there was no stopping me!

It also seemed a very appropriate style considering the fact that I'm celebrating my 2 year nappiversary so I was sold.
Used one pack of Marley braiding hair, prepped my hair with eco styler gel like I do when I want to do any updos, followed the steps in the very easy tutorial and voila! A beautiful faux bow :)

This was my inspiration

And this is my result!

Close up 

If you would like to recreate the look, you can follow the super duper easy steps in this tutorial

Have fun! xo


  1. I just found your blog and I LOVE it. You look fab with the faux bun. I watched the video and hope to recreate it one of these days ;-)

    1. Yay! Thank you so much. You should recreate it - you'll have fun doing it :)