Wash day using new products plus my puff with a twist!

Puff with a few rolls on top
My wash day today was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than last week's near disaster. One of my suppliers gave me a box of goodies from the Tropic Isle range a few weeks ago and I decided that I would try some of the products and see if there was anything I liked enough to incorporate into my regimen.

Truth is I started to use some of them last week but the whole detangling fiasco kinda took away from the shine of that and I was in no mood to talk about new products.

Anyhoo, so last night I pre poo'd with 2 oils - Njoy's Long Healthy Hair growth oil on my scalp and my Alma/Brahmi oil in my hair. I made sure I massaged my scalp for a good 5 minutes till my scalp was all warm and tingly then proceeded to my hair where I finger detangled every strand and then put everything up in plaits.
Oiled and detangled
In the morning I washed with the Tropic Isle Shampoo  and my hair was oh so soft! It's so weird because I used this same shampoo last week and I didn't care for how my  hair felt at all! It kinda felt coated and not as soft as I'd have liked. I'm now not sure what was so different between last week and this week - I used the Brahmi Amla oil last week as well (although this time I used a bit more, saturating my strands) but the results I got were much different. Oh well. I'll try it again next wash day and see what results I get.

So proceeded to deep conditioning - mixed the Tropic Isle deep conditioner with my usuals (olive, coconut, avocado oils with a few drops of peppermint and rosemary oils and some honey) I also added a little bit of the new Jamaican Black Castor oil with Aloe Vera, covered with a plastic cap and then went about my usual Monday morning chores around the house.

Some 3 hours later I rinsed off the conditioner, finger detangling my now even softer hair, then did a final rinse with my Apple cider Vinegar mix. I wanted to use a creamier leave in (as opposed to the  liquidy one that the Tropic Isle brand carries) and so I didn't detangle and plait my hair in the shower but let it hang loose. I then mixed my Kimmaytube leave in (Kinky Curly Knot Today, Aloe Vera Juice, Jojoba and Castor oils) and sectioned my hair, applying my leave in, combing each section and then plaiting it.

When that was done, I let it air dry and then later at night, I proceeded to moisturize and seal using Carol's Daughter Maguerite's Magic and the Tropic Isle serum with Argan Oil.

 Funny thing about the Maguerite's Magic - I'd used it a few years ago when I was still relaxed and quite liked it. I had completely forgotten about it plus I already liked what I was using as a daily moisturizer.

Anyway one day in the Salon, a customer came to buy products and I was trying to hand her the Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair butter and in the process this Maguerite's Magic got knocked off the shelf, and the cover got broken. I was left with no choice than to take it off and decided that I'd use it when my Elasta QP was finished. And you know what? My  hair LOVES the stuff!!! OMG! I'm not sure if it's the wheatgerm in it or what, but it makes my hair oh so so so soft!!! It's also silicone, mineral oil and petroleum free - what's there not to love?!

Anyway, I wanted to stretch out my hair for styling the following day so I threaded my hair - not too many sections and the gaps in the threading were  a lot - but I was in no mood to spend crazy hours threading my hair so this would have to do. When that was done, applied the new Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Therapy mixed with black seed and black walnut oil to my scalp, secured my satin bonnet and went to bed.

Following day, I undid my thread, fluffed out my hair put it up in a puff and rolled, tucked and pinned it. My hair was (still is) oh so soft, and has a lovely sheen and shine to it!! Will definitely be using these products for some time to come.


  1. Very pretty. Can't wait for our next date!!!

    1. Thanks sweets! Yay - we await you with open arms :)

  2. I'm sooo happy about ur soft hair. I'm sad about mine. I have a very simple regimen. When my hair is not in braids or weaves I do a co wash once a week deep condition with a mix od conditioner, oils nd honey. Weekdays I spay with my water, glycerine nd rosewater mix nd my hair was fine. This weekend I took out my 4 week braids nd my hair was soft nd nice from all the spraying iv been doing so in my state of happiness I decided to was with dudu osun detangle with my usual conditioner nd did a deep condition with a hair mayonaise ( to my everlasting regret contains some sort of sulphate) honey nd oils. Now my hair is Hard!!!! Dries out in minutes. I'm Soooooooo upset dunno wat to do oo HELP!!!!!

    1. Oh no! sounds like your hair is either protein sensitive and didn't like the mayonnaise treatment or you just neglected to get the moisture/protein balance right by not following up with a moisture based deep conditioner. Did you follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner? I'd suggest you get your hands on a super duper moisturizing deep conditioner, slather it on and let it stay in for at least an hour. Rinse off and let your leave ins and daily moisturizers all be water based. You don't need any thing with protein anywhere near you right now. You may need to repeat a moisturizing deep conditioner in another 3 - 4 days (for the next week or 2) and then make sure everyday you're moisturizing your hair. Good luck! Let me know how it works ok?

    2. True that. You are prolly protein sensitive and following up with a moisturising deep conditioner is always the safe thing to do after a protein treatment. You can try the jessicurl deep condtioning treatment, dunno if its okay to say where i got mine :). LOL
      This treatment is hands down the best deep conditioner i have used. my sis converted me and i havent looked back since. My regular aubreys has taken a back seat in my hair journey. this conditioner leaves my hair soft for like 3 days straight up.
      Im so sold im starting to sound like a jessicurl salesman. LOL .
      feel free to mail me: jhennique@yahoo.com for more info. cheers

    3. I guess I dint get that part of the memo. Thanks a bunch will deff try a moisturising deep conditioner. *hugs all a around*