First Official Length Check 2014 plus inversion results.

I should have done this a couple of days ago - I apologize but here we go!

Okay so I'll start with the inversion results. The inversion method basically is a process for gaining an inch of growth in a week where for 7 straight days, you're supposed to massage warm oil into your scalp, turn your head upside down for 4 minutes so the blood rushes to your scalp, feeding the follicles and encouraging growth.

You should wait at least 3 weeks in between each 7 day period (don't think you can gain an inch every single week lol) otherwise your body will get used to the extra blood flow and the method won't work anymore.

Now a lot of women have reported an increase in length using this method but I didn't particularly see a change in length - that may be because some nights I used warm oil and other nights I was too tired to bother warming the oil ( I think I actually missed one night in the 7 lol) I really need to figure out ways of combating how tired I always am at the end of the day. I think it's time to look for a manager for the salon.
Anyhoo I digress.

So here are the before and after pictures:

If you notice, in the after picture (on the right) the hair seems to have grown just a little bit beyond the collarbone mark where it ended previously in the before picture (on the left). I didn't bother with pictures of other sides because I didn't really see any noticeable changes. Maybe later on in the year I'll try it again.

So!On to my official length check for this year 2014. I'm trying to stay off direct heat till the end of the year so for now I'll just do a stretch with my fingers to determine length. At the end of the year, I'll straighten and whatnot.

So this is where I was 2 years ago when I first started:

And this is where I am now

So there we have it! Looking at my pictures over the last 2 years I noticed in my first year I retained a lot of length but not so much my second year -I'm attributing it to too much manipulation as i experimented with hairstyles.

Which is why I am going to incorporate as much protective styling as I can into my regimen and keep everything as simple as possible!

Next length check will be December 2014 - let's see how much length I'm able to retain. Wish me luck!



  1. Same experience I had with inversion- some noticeable increase in length but not appreciable enough to excite.
    Good luck with your hair journey, your progress is definitely showing :)

    1. Thank you Sandra! Glad to see someone else who wasn't bowled over by the inversion method lolll