My (near) set back!

I am so upset with myself!!!

I'd had my hair in twists using extensions for about a month now - I wasn't ready to take them out (surprisingly) but I had started to break out which is something that happens to me when my braids get old and start to rub against my cheeks. I took them out on Saturday and didn't bother combing out as it actually looked kind of pretty (like a 2 day old twist out) so I just let it run wild and free Saturday through to Sunday with the intention to prepoo Sunday night and do a proper wash day on Monday.
My twists styled into 2 buns
Now normally when I pre poo with my oils, I use that opportunity to detangle my hair but this Sunday I was sooooooo tired after the  long weekend (made even longer by the busy Thursday 'cause of the Public Holiday) and literally just applied oil to my hair and scalp covered with a cap (didn't even braid as i normally would) and went to bed.

Following morning, I still didn't detangle before I started washing and deep conditioning ( protein first for 20 mins and then moisture for about an hour) I then started the detangling process while rinsing out my deep conditioner and that's when I realized my big mistake.

I had a lot of shed hair from over 4 weeks and because I had not combed out my hair after taking out my braids, the shed hairs had become trapped and with the addition of water and conditioner, they'd become tangled in with the rest of my hair and in some areas had formed knots, mid shaft of chunks of hair. I was mortified!!!!!!!

Normally detangling in the shower is a breeze for me but this time around I was in there for almost an hour trying to be patient with my hair so I didn't tear through it. I lost a bit of hair because some areas were so tangled I could literally hear the hairs there tearing as I tried to get them to come apart. Even my trusted Tresemme Naturals conditioner could  not do the job of melting through.

Some of the hair that had come out during my painful detangling process

I managed to get through it all and tried not to look at the hair that seemed to have fallen everywhere in the tub ( sob sob!!!)

This was a clear case of physician heal thyself - I always drum it into the ears of my stylists particularly when they just take out braids or weaves; 'detangle before washing'  and I cant believe I overlooked this basic rule. I know I was tired, but jeez!

Major lesson learnt for me - I've never had any issues or set backs with my hair but this one was a near one that could have caused major hair goal disaster (gasp!) loll - the only reason I'm laughing is so I can make light of this and just keep it moving oh! I was quite upset.
Finally detangled and twisted into workable sections.

Anyway, moving forward - I embarked on a 7 day inversion hair growth plan and will be back with the results at the end of that period!


  1. Sorry about that, i can imagine how that felt with all that hair coming out. But nice save! I just had my first setback from ignoring my own advice- it crept up on me so I realized when it had already occurred. Sigh.

    1. Thank you! I was pained oh! I can't even lie :) So sorry about your setback - at least this way you've learnt to listen to your advice. Happy Hair Growing!

  2. awwww! that hurts!
    i dunno tho but i never take special time to detangle my hair. by the time in done deepconditioning i just run my fingers thru the four sections in my hair and voila, the tangles just melt. i havnt even used a comb in months. might have something to do with the products i use......dunno *shrug*

    1. You lucky you! I generally don't have tangles myself as I keep my hair moisturized and stretched 99% of the time. Keep doing what you're doing!