And The Winners Of The Whipped Butter Giveaway are..........

Whoop whoop! So we have 2 winners from our last giveaway. The questions were fairly straightforward so didn't expect anyone to give any far out answers lol.

1. The African Shea Tree - has a number of 'aliases' depending on whether you're using it's scientific name ( Vitellaria Paradoxa) or the language of the Country where it's found (Karite, Bambuk, Nku, galam etc)

2. It is predominantly found in East and West Africa - about 19 African Countries now produce Shea Butter

3. Ori is the Yoruba name for Shea Butter

So 13 entries, and using the random generator, entry number 5 and 12 emerged winners!!!!

Nittapee and Idy Ekanem congratulations!  I shall email you shortly to arrange delivery of your whipped butters.

A big thank you to everyone who participated!

Till my next post