Finally Got My Crochet Braid Game On!

After my last failed attempt at getting my crochet braids in, I finally got to do something I love! So I'd been seeing some lovely looking twists on Instagram  with hair from a brand called 'xpress your kinks' and after seeing this  YouTube video by Jessica Pettway, I KNEW I had to get the hair! Check out their website here

After doing some research, I settled on buying 3 packs of hair - 2 packs in the color 'Darkest Xpresso' and  for highlights, 1 pack in 'Chestnut'. I had someone in the States place the order for me and send them down to me.

Darkest Xpresso

Chestnut with the Darkest Xpresso

 As soon as they came, I wasted no time! lol Crochet braids don't take long to do once you know what you're doing so I hijacked one of my girls in the salon and got to work. I wanted a side part so she braided my hair accordingly and then crocheted the hair using small strips of hair at a time.

After a long day, still trying to take the perfect picture loll

By the time we finished, I'd used just about 2 and a half packs of hair and I loved the results!!!!!!! I wanted it to look a little tapered so I cut the sides and back and left more at the top.

I really really like this look. Most people think it's my hair that I added a few highlights because it looks soooo real! At night I wear my satin bonnet and in the morning, use a little moisturizer and oil, fluff out, trim any unwanted strands and go.
Care instructions

The packs came with instructions which is great because that way I don't have to keep guessing as to what it needs and doesn't need - making unnecessary costly mistakes.

All in all, I will definitely do this again and will probably try and stock this hair too. Already have a few people asking if I have it for sale.

Let's see how long I can keep this in for!