Update On ORS Strengthening and Straightening System.

So last month, Detuke of tukesquest came over to get her natural hair straightened using the ORS system.( If you missed the post, click here to read it)

I've been following her hair's progress after the treatment and decided to do a quick update on how long the 'straightness' lasted and if her curl pattern was altered in anyway.

 I know a number of people are interested in using this system but there are (genuine) doubts as to whether their hair will ever go back to being curly. So thought this might help by giving you a better idea of what happens after the treatment.

She also sent me pictures of her hair over a 3 week period to show the process of reversion (without her having to wash it) In summary, by the end of the first week the roots had started to revert and by the 22nd day everything had reverted completely.

Day 22 - Reversion Complete!

She's since washed and styled her hair and her curls are still in tact!

I was planning on doing a straightening myself at the end of the year but I finally got my crochet braids in (yay! doing a post on that soon) and I don't know if I want to take it out anytime this year lollll.

 As someone said to me on Saturday 'yea right. We all know you get bored easily with your hair'

Oh well, we'll just have to see.........


  1. I would love to try the ors straightening system too since my hair wud definitely revert back. Can't wait hehehe. Pls, Kemi can u check ur mail. Thanks

  2. Hmmm.... would you recommend having this kinda hair in cold weather? YES! Of course.

    Hmm... calling you now

  3. Brilliant! My daughters would be pleased to hear this!

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