Getting back in the styling groove.

Rocked my Fro at some point last week

I've been kinda 'bleh' with styling my hair in the last couple of months; apart from the fact that I thought I was over manipulating my strands, I just wasn't feeling my hair, style wise. The one thing I've come to realize in all of this though, is that I'm not a great fan of two strand twists.

Yes they're versatile and quick and bla bla bla but for me personally, it would be one of the last things I would do on my hair when faced with options. Maybe when I get to a longer length and can do really chunky twists without looking like I stuck my fingers in an electric socket :)

I actually had twists for like 2 weeks recently - took them out and was going to get crochet braids in. I had woven my hair and all that in preparation for the crochet braids but I decided to rock the hair that way - at some point, got a wig too and rocked that for a few days.
Rocking my twists at Locitude with the  lovely Aderonke
Then I remembered that I had a stash of Marley hair somewhere and I hadn't rocked any Faux buns/up do's in a while. Hmmmm.................

My hair slathered in my ayurvedic mix

So on Monday, decided to get an Ayurvedic treatment - mixed some Amla, Brahmi, Maka, Kapoor Kachli with some hotwater, and let it sit overnight. I prepoo'd my hair with my Brahmi Hair oil
(honestly, the earthy smell of this oil has a way of relaxing me) and the following morning, mixed in some honey, olive, castor, coconut, almond, rosemary and peppermint oils and added some Aussie Moist 3 minute conditioner ( an old favorite I'm revisiting).

Slathered it on my hair, covered with a cap and stuck my heating cap on for about 30 minutes. Rinsed off, co washed with Aussie Moist Conditioner and then used my Kimmaytube leave in mix. I didn't want to use heat to stretch my hair and wanted it stretched beyond what braiding would give me so I got my threading game on! Yep.
My Nkemji look :)

After taking out the thread 

When it was nice and stretched in the morning, brushed it up into a top bun and decided  on a simple faux bun.

Top bun with Marley Hair

Today I decided to switch things up a little and tried a different look - instead of just wrapping the hair around my bun, I made 4 loose twists with the Marley hair and wrapped 2 twists around my bun and created a little swoop in front with the other two. This one I'm really loving!!

I love Ecostyler Gel! My edges are always LAID!

I'm definitely going to explore other styles this week and bring you pictures next week.  See ya!



  1. Lovely styles. The threading worked. What kind of thread did you use?

    1. Thanks dear! Just regular thread used for fixing weaves

  2. Your hair blends seamlessly with the marley hair and your styles are just beautiful

    1. Thanks Sandra! I really like this Marley hair

  3. Your edges are really well laid down. Please what brand of Marley hair did you use?